4 Simple Tricks to Open up Your Space

4 Simple Tricks to Open up Your Space

One of the biggest buzzwords in home décor and design these days is “open concept.” The days of closed off kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms are long gone, and homeowners are looking to add form and function to their living spaces. The most sought-after homes and home styles feature living spaces that flow one into the other, and have an airy, open feel. However, even the most open concept homes can use a little help creating a less claustrophobic vibe. Read on and we’ll show you some easy- to-follow tips on how to visually open up any room in your home.

Furniture Placement

Ever bump your knee on a too-low coffee table, or hit your hip on a sofa that’s always in the way? You could definitely benefit from some furniture rearranging. Assess the furniture you already have, and decide if the pieces are too large for your space, or if you simply have too many pieces. You may find that you need to downsize and purchase smaller furniture to get the effect you need. Once you have the right furniture pieces, arrange them in such a way that the room has better flow, being sure to not have any pieces block doorways or create barriers to walking paths. Move some things around in your home and you may be amazed to see just how much bigger your space will feel.


Let There Be Light

Another big buzzword on the home design scene is natural light. It’s not just trendy though, it’s true; lack of natural light can make a space seem dark, closed-off and cave light. Simply opening up windows offers an excellent way to bring the outside in, and visually open up a space. Consider going with a minimalist style and removing window coverings that block natural light, or if your budge allows, installing more or larger windows for a less closed-off feel.


Define Spaces

Often times when you have an open concept style in your home, it can be hard to define which space is what. Where does the dining room start, and the living room end? What about the entryway, or the office area? You don’t want to lose the integrity of your living spaces simply in the name of visually opening up the look of your home.

Rug it Up

One good way to remedy this problem is with the use of area rugs. A room can be anchored and visually deemed as a particular space when you thoughtfully add an area rug to the equation. A large area rug under a sofa and loveseat clearly conveys that a certain area is a living room, even if a dining table and chairs are within arms reach. A traffic-resistant carpet is also a great way to signal an entryway area, and a tucked away office can be given its own domain with a smart rug under your desk and chair.

Whether you are able to knock down walls or not, there are a variety of creative options when it comes to visually opening up the look of your home. Try out a few of these easy tips and enjoy a little extra room in your abode!

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