5 Reasons Why Gray Rugs are Trending

5 Reasons Why Gray Rugs are Trending

Gray isn’t always a color that we associate with good things; rainy days, somber moods and other less than happy imagery often comes to mind. However, when it comes to décor, gray area rugs are a secret weapon that every homeowner can easily harness. Gray rugs are super versatile and offer many surprising benefits that people often don’t often consider when choosing a pattern or color scheme for their rooms. Still not convinced? Check out these 5 reasons why everyone loves gray rugs, and soon you’ll be looking to roll out a rug in cool gray hues too!

Masks Stains and Dirt

If you’ve ever had a light-colored cloth sofa and a messy child or pet, you know it means nothing but frustration and trouble. The same is true for rugs; the lighter the color or the larger the pattern, the more that everyday dirt and stains seem to show through. If you’re looking to add a rug to a high traffic area, consider a gray rug in a busy or intricate pattern to mask puppy paw prints, apple juice dribbles, and other mystery stains and dirt. You’ll still want to clean your rug regularly of course, but in between washes, your patterned gray area rug will continue to look great!

Disguises Dog Hair

Do you have a dark-colored dog that seems to never stop shedding? Me too. Recently I just got a large 8 x 11 patterned area rug in gray for my living room and was pleasantly surprised at how well it disguised our black German Shepherd’s endless amounts of fur. I can see every single fur ball and tumbleweed of dog hair against our cream-colored tile, but on the gray patterned rug, it’s nearly impossible to see!

Matches Everything

Gray is a neutral hue, meaning that it will easily work with almost any color scheme. Turquoise colored couches look amazing next to gray area rugs, are perfectly paired with pink walls, and look sophisticated against natural wood grain flooring. Also, if you like to decorate for the seasons, gray area rugs won’t clash with your holiday décor, so all of your special seasonal styles will take center stage. With a gray area rug, you won’t need to update window treatments, throw pillows or wall décor because it will already work well with what you have.

Trendy and Versatile

Did we say gray rugs are versatile? It’s true! No matter what way you wish to style your home, a gray area rug will work beautifully for you. Farmhouse style homes will get a beautiful boost from a gray antique patterned area rug under a kitchen table, while sleek gray geometric area rugs pair perfectly with Modern and Minimalist style. No matter what type of décor you’re aiming for in your home design, a gray rug will help you achieve your desired overall look.

Perfect for Any Room

Any room? Yes! Gray rugs have the distinction of being a true people pleaser. If you’ve been wanting to add a floral print rug to your master bedroom or living room, but that pattern feels too feminine for your spouse, give a gray floral 8 x 11 area rug a try for the perfect compromise. Need to find a cheap area rug for a picky teenager? Steer them towards a gray area rug for a sophisticated piece that they’ll want take with them to college. Looking for an inexpensive area rug you can move from room to room? Gray rugs to the rescue again! If you like to rearrange furniture and décor to help keep your home looking fresh, a gray area rug will be a great tool to help you spice things up without worrying about clashing styles.

Whether you decide to get a gray 8 x 11 area rug, a gray floral rug or a patterned gray area rug, you’ll love the way it helps to tie all of the elements to any room together. Give a gray area rug a try in your living room, office, master bathroom or even in your kitchen to add a soft touch of texture that’s big on style and easy on your eyes.

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