5 Tips to Decorate & Cozy Up Your Workspace

5 Tips to Decorate & Cozy Up Your Workspace

Your office space probably doesn’t exactly feel like a home away from home … right? Many of us spend 40 (or more) hours working behind a desk and sharing space in environments that can feel cold, impersonal and downright sterile. Have no fear! you can cure your cubicle blues by decorating your workspace to feel like your home away from home. Read along and we’ll show you how to take your office space from ho-hum to home-like in five easy steps.

Add Some Art

Does abstract art get your heart racing? What about a calming, lovely landscape? Our art choices are individualized ways to inject a little bit of our personality into the areas that we inhabit. A framed poster can make a great backdrop to your computer monitor, or if you’re allowed, a painted tri-fold screen can even act as a divider between workspaces. Just be sure to be mindful when it comes to the art you choose to display and make sure it’s not NSFW.


Light It Up

You’ll instantly inject a homey touch of warmth to your space when you add a lamp to your desk. This is a great opportunity to pick a piece that matches your personality, like a lamp with a novelty base or an interesting shade. Choose low-wattage bulbs to create a comfortable, soft glow light for an effect that won’t be too hard on your eyes. You can also opt for decorative light sources, such as a salt lamp or even a multi-colored disco lamp, for more fun ways to feel right at home.


Roll Out a Rug

A large rug at the office? Yes! There’s no better way to clearly mark your personal space and add a homey touch than by rolling out a cool carpet. Like choosing artwork or a lamp, the rug you pick will be a great expression of your style and can make hard, industrial office flooring seem a little less harsh. Opt for lightweight, shed-free 8 x 11 area rugs that are easy to clean for less hassle and high performance.


Make a Cup of Coffee

Want to make your office space the most inviting in the building? Then you need a coffee bar. If your office space allows, bring in a small and stylish coffee maker or coffee press and decorate a dedicated station at your desk. You can use stylish containers to hold your coffee, tea or sugar, and keep it all nice and tidy in a special tray. Making coffee at your desk will also add a familiar, welcoming aroma!


Take a Seat

Got room in your office for an armchair? Create a cozy nook for when visitors stop by with cushy extra seating. This is also a great place for you to get away and take a little break from your office chair now and then, and further adds to the “home away from home” overall feel.

You have to be at the office for a good portion of your day, so why not make it feel more comfortable with a fluffy area rug or personalized picture frame? With these tips and tricks, and a little bit of work, your office space is sure to be a little more inviting, and maybe even the envy of your coworkers.



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