6 Awesome Hacks to Decorate on a Budget

6 Awesome Hacks to Decorate on a Budget

Home décor magazines may have you thinking that you need to drop a small fortune to create a stylish space. However, with a little bit of hard work, imagination and a few trade secrets, anyone can enjoy fab home décor without breaking the bank. Check out these 6 awesome hacks for decorating on a budget and you’ll be sitting pretty in no time!

Cover it Up 


Sometimes the best answer to refreshing a space is simply covering up unsightly spaces.  Old appliances, unsightly countertops, and boring backsplashes can make your kitchen look boring and out of date. You can easily upgrade your countertops with peel-and-stick marble contact paper or faux paint granite for a refreshed look.  Appliances can also be painted to give a stainless-steel appearance for a much more affordable option than buying new. There are also peel-and-stick tiles that you could apply to the backsplash of your sink or stove to help add a much-needed pop of color or a clean, finished look. 

Sick of looking at icky old tile work or an unattractive tub? A new shower curtain works wonders when it comes to refreshing your washroom. Add a curtain rod to the very top of your shower or tub, right near the ceiling, and buy extra long curtain panels to really create a dramatic look. If you’re renting and aren’t allowed to paint, peel and stick wallpaper goes a long way to helping your bedroom or any wall feel cozy and personalized. Stay true to your style and still get your deposit back … a win! 

Roll Out an Area Rug


One of the most expensive décor updates that people typically want to do to refresh their home is installing new flooring. However, if you are renting, or can’t afford all new flooring, area rugs offer an excellent temporary, affordable option. Need to cover up a carpet stain, or detract from unsightly tiles or worn floorboards? An 8 x 10 area rug can help you makeover your floors instantly. Choose a flat weave rug in a bold, unique pattern to get the most bang for your buck. You might not think of area rugs as an affordable option to decorate on a budget but there are tons of stellar options under $100 for flat weave area rugs that you can easily move around, fold and store safely and most importantly: they are very easy to clean and maintain! 

Become a DIY Master

Everything becomes a little more affordable when you learn how to do it yourself. Whether you want to try and reupholster your grandmother’s dining room chairs or create a trendy macrame wall hanging, chances are, you can find a how-to tutorial online to lead the way. Really love an expensive-looking abstract painting, but can’t shell out the big bucks for it? Hit your local art store and buy a canvas and paints and create one for yourself! Don’t be afraid to get a little artsy in the name of decorating your home and staying on budget. Not only will you save money, but you’ll end up with a unique piece of art you’ll be proud to display.


Sometimes the answer to your decorating problems is as easy as looking at the things you already own from another angle. Need a new nightstand? Use some wooden crates or sturdy boxes that can be stacked to create a cool, rustic surface for your phone to charge on at night. Old trunks make great coffee tables or can become benches if you add a comfy seat pad. Got a collection of picture frames? Give them a fresh coat of paint and create a cool gallery wall with all of your favorite photos, mementos or art pieces. The ingenuity here is to look at items you already have laying around and let them inspire you to create something unique. 


Is your couch looking worn out, but you can’t buy afford to buy new? If you ask around you may find that someone you know that is moving or getting a new couch and has one they will be willing to trade you for (or even give to you for free!).  Even if the couch isn’t to your liking, but is in good condition, you can always add a slipcover, a new area rug, throw pillows and more to personalize it to your style. The key is to get it for free so you won’t bust your decorating budget. 


When all else fails, one of the best ways to decorate on a dime is to simply rearrange your furniture. It doesn’t cost anything but sweat equity and a little imagination and you can use what you already have to create a whole new look. Try moving your area rugs to different rooms, or placing them in different locations, or take furnishings and decorative pieces from one room and mix and match so they are in a new place. You can also hang pictures in new and interesting ways, change out linens, and rearrange shelves to create a fresh new look. 

It’s easy to make your home look great on a budget when you know the best hacks to try. With a few inexpensive updates like flat weave (or high pile) area rugs, some throw pillows, or a few vintage finds, all you need to add is elbow grease and imagination.  Try a few of these tips and soon you’ll be sitting pretty in a home you’ll be proud to show off and enjoy! 

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