6 Reasons Why Transitional Rugs are So Popular

6 Reasons Why Transitional Rugs are So Popular

You’ll have noticed that area rugs remain popular year after year. In addition to that, each season certain rug styles seem to grab our attention. For quite a while, transitional rugs have been trending, gaining in popularity. What is it about transitional area rugs that make them so popular?

If you have been captivated by the fresh updated look of transitional rugs, can you readily pinpoint just what it is about these awesome floor coverings that draw you in? Is it the unexpected mingling of traditional designs and contemporary hues? Perhaps you (and many others) simply love their fresh, vibrant take on time-honored rugs and rug-making. Or maybe it’s all of the above and more:

  1. Transitional rugs are versatile. And that’s because they literally create a transition between traditional and contemporary style or if you prefer between contemporary good looks and comfortable traditional appeal. This perfect merging of styles can easily and beautifully pull your home’s decor into one cohesive whole.
    Transitional Gray Rug
  2. Transitional rugs can fit into any room in the home. These gorgeous rugs can be used from the foyer to the living room, dining room or bedroom. They can look great in the kitchen, too.
    Transitional red kitchen rug
  3. A transitional rug can be the dramatic star of a space or play a brilliant supporting role. You get to choose if your transitional rug is the focal point of your contemporary dining room or the neutral piece underfoot that elevates the look of your traditional living room.
    Transitional flower living room rug
  4. Transitional rugs come in many shapes and sizes from large rectangles to contemporary overblown flower shapes (Roses and pansies are much sought-after to be used in the kitchen or bath.)
    round transitional rug
  5. Transitional rugs can tie together disparate elements in your entire home or a single room. For instance, a house with lots of classical architectural details can be turned into a stunning contemporary home by the strategic use of large transitional rugs and sleek modern furniture.
    gold transitional rug
  6. Transitional rugs can bring a new perspective to your room. A beautiful but tired space can be given a whole new lease on life by the color and rhythmic movement of transitional rug designs. As with all rugs, a wide range of colors are available. However, transitional rugs often offer exceptional color possibilities from stylish neutrals to gloriously brilliant jewel tones and deeply saturated hues. Transitional designs also seem to offer patterns and motifs that remind us just how much we love to see rhythm and movement in our rugs.

So, you see transitional rugs are popular for all sorts of reasons, but the bottom line is these lovely rugs make stunning additions to almost any room. They elevate any space in which they find a home, showing off their unique ability to add lively beauty underfoot. Transitional rug designs are the perfect solution to interior spaces that are a bit boring, rooms that are still caught in the past (and not in a good way) or decor that’s lost its luster and zest for life. Most notable of all is just how well a transitional rug can merge seamlessly into your existing interior design plan.

As you begin to explore the big wide beautiful world of transitional rugs, you’ll soon find yourself drawn into the awesome possibilities of bringing transitional style to your floors and your home. Are you beginning to see the reasons why these great rugs are so popular? The wide range of transitional rugs currently available is quite amazing with stylish good looks, creative patterns, and gorgeous color palettes. You’ll want to keep a close eye on what’s happening with transitional rugs from season to season as we go forward as it will be exciting to see all the new collections to come.

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