Color or neutral? What's best for your space!

Color or neutral? What's best for your space!

If you have questions about the “correct” color for your area rugs, you’re not alone. We get that question more often than you might think. The short answer is there is no “right” color when choosing an area rug. However, there are lots of tips to help you make a good decision when you go to purchase an area rug for your home. Please enjoy the handiest ones we’ve curated for you below.

Colors Speak to You

Perhaps the most fundamental overarching idea about what color rug you should choose is, if it works in your space, go with the color or colors that speak to you.

Color is very personal and affects your mood and even your outlook on life. So, color is vitally important in the environment you live in. That’s not to say that your obsession with that perfect pale pink needs to dominate in every room, but a palette of pinks could run through the pattern in your bedroom area rug. You get the picture. Just surround yourself with colors you love.

Neutral is Nice

If you’re going for an elegant, soothing atmosphere, a soft neutral color or a mix of colors may be the best choice for your space. Neutrals can be calming and stylish at the same time. Lovely tones of beige, gray, and ivory can be sophisticated yet inviting.

A rug with a neutral color palette, even though it has clearly defined pattern, may read as a solid, giving your room an appealing neutral background, one from which the rest of the space can grow naturally.

Colorful is Cool (or Warm if you choose) 

Colorful area rugs can bring a room to life, infusing it with a sense of joy and lightness. Colorful can mean brilliant deep hues, a blend of appealing middle tones, or perhaps even a melding of sunny pastels in an enchanting floral pattern

Compromise is Possible

Still can’t make up your mind? Love both neutral and colorful? There is a middle ground. When in doubt, choose both and layer them. Down goes a neutral (solid maybe) and on top of that, layer your choice of colorful patterns. Why use just one beautiful area rug when you can enjoy two? Maybe, there is a perfect answer to our original question, after all.

So, we come back to our original idea that above all you should choose the neutral or colorful rug that speaks to you, calls your name from across the room, and comes to you as you daydream about your perfect interior space. However, be sure that one unforgettable and yes, lovely area rug also suits the room you’re furnishing. Both can peacefully coexist, creating an appealing living environment.

To help you find a beautiful area rug, you might want to check out some of our colorful area rugs at Rugs2Go. If you’re looking for a rug with a more muted pattern, you’ll find several options in our collection called Vintage.


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