Floral Rugs 101 - Everything you need to know to make it Work!

Floral Rugs 101 - Everything you need to know to make it Work!

Classic, sophisticated and feminine … floral rugs have been a staple in homes through the ages and they're back to stay! While they might not work with every single style of home décor, you may be surprised to see all the ways that floral print area rugs can fit into the overall look of your home. Like any other pattern, there are certain tricks and rules to keep in mind when styling your home with floral rugs, so it’s a good idea to brush up on the basics before you buy. Read on and we’ll give you an easy to follow tutorial to help you find the perfect floral rug for your home.

The first step to making floral print rugs work in your home is to figure out what décor style category your home falls into. Floral rugs come in a wide variety of prints, front traditional to contemporary, and the way you style your home will dictate which type of floral print rug you should use.

  • Traditional Floral Print Rugs: These type of rugs feature intricate scrolling motifs, and are usually offered in neutral colorways like tan and beige with navy, burgundy or dark green accents. These type of rugs are right at home in Bohemian, Shabby Chic, Traditional and Farmhouse style homes.  Traditional floral print rugs look great in offices, living rooms and dining rooms.

  • Contemporary Floral Print Rugs: Featuring bright colors, big blooms married with graphic elements, Contemporary floral rugs are wildly popular. These type of rugs work well with Modern, Minimalist and Contemporary style homes. Contemporary floral print rugs also make great accents in teen bedrooms and dorm rooms!

  • Abstract Floral Print Rugs: Splashes of color and suggestions of flowers come to mind when you think of Abstract floral print rugs. Abstract floral prints are a great option for Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, Bohemian and Eclectic style homes. If you’re looking to make a statement, these bold, eye-catching rugs are sure to be your go-to.

Even though you may like the look of a certain type of floral print rug, consider if it will really fit into the overall look of your home décor. If not, think about adding it to a specific area of your home (like your bedroom) that can take on an individual style from the rest of the house.


The next step to adding floral rugs to your décor is to consider your furniture. If you already have neutral-colored sofas and chairs, then you’re in luck; the sky is the limit when it comes to the floral area rug colors and patterns you can choose! However, if you already have patterned fabrics in your living spaces, like on your curtains or throw pillows, here are a few crucial tips to follow.

  • Color Schemes: Can you have floral prints mixed with plaids? Yes! Just be sure to choose complementary colors to keep your pattern mixing from looking like an eyesore. Try pairing ikat print curtains with neutral traditional floral prints, or navy chevron print throw pillows with a navy contemporary floral print area rug. Still not sure what patterns will successfully work? Look to your favorite fashions with mixed and matched patterns (like striped sailor shirts and pink and purple floral print skirts) and find the blend that feels right to you.

  • Dueling Florals: Even when it comes to floral prints, there can be too much of a good thing. If you already have floral prints featured on your living room furniture, consider using a floral print rug to compliment it in another room instead. Think you’re a mix-and-match master that can make floral on floral work? Try pairing a neutral-colored rug with brightly colored floral print furnishings to help create a sense of balance.

Finally, when it comes to adding floral print rugs to your home, make placement a part of the plan.  Don’t hide your beautiful blooms under a table or in a dark corner; put them front and center in an entryway, living room or running down a hall. Add a floral print 8 x 10 area rug to any space that needs a bit of classic beauty or touch of familiar cheer. Give this timeless home essential a try in your home and see your decorating prowess begin to grow!



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