Tricks to Match your Rug to your Lifestyle

Tricks to Match your Rug to your Lifestyle

Shopping for that oh-so-perfect rug should be a bit of fun but you should definitely take a moment to consider your lifestyle and how you spend your time at home in order to choose the right rug for you. In that respect, each of us is different. Some are active; some are more sedentary. The more activity within your home, the more durable and easier to clean your area rugs will need to be. But durable and easy-care rugs can be beautiful too. 

Here’s a handful of lifestyle questions you might ask as you choose indoor rugs for your home:

How many people live in your home?  Do you live alone or with several family members?

When it comes to area rugs, the amount of traffic in your home matters because that will affect the durability and frequency of care and cleaning.

If you’re single, do you have roommates or do you do a lot of entertaining? 

If you often gather with roommates or friends and extended family for celebrations such as game day parties and binge-watching your favorite television shows or series, then these types of events often include lots of snacks and drinks and lots of opportunities for drips and spills, so you’ll want to consider easy-care rugs.

Are there little ones to consider?

Babies just starting to crawl and toddlers learning to walk need soft rugs and high pile rugs for tender knees, hands and elbows, so a rug’s texture is important here. And again, easy to clean fibers for random drools and such.

In addition to humans, are there pets in your life?

If your lifestyle includes animal companions, depending upon their size, they can bring a lot of wear and tear to your indoor area rugs. Cat claws and doggie acrobatics can leave rugs with tears and covered in shedding hair, so you’ll need to consider which rugs can withstand the effects of playful pets and which ones are easiest to vacuum and clean.  You may also want to consider which colors and patterns are good at hiding stains which most certainly will occur.

So you see, along with the fun of the hunt for your new rug, considering these lifestyle questions when you are shopping will enable you to make wiser choices so you will find a beautiful rug... one that's sustainable and that you’ll be happy with for years to come!!



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