How to Make Neutral Rugs Work

How to Make Neutral Rugs Work

Beige is bland, taupe is tiring and gray is simply … uninspiring.  Right?  Think again. Neutral rugs can be an excellent home décor tool when it comes to creating a cohesive overall look. They can help tie together mismatched furniture pieces, bring attention to artwork or simply add a soothing vibe to any space. But how can you make them work in your home?  Read on and we’ll give you some essential tips to making neutral rugs your new go-to trick.

Pattern Mixing

If you’ve been looking for a way to spice up your home style without making a statement that’s too bold, consider adding a neutral-toned patterned area rug. An eye-catching scroll and medallion motif on an Eastern-inspired area rug in earthy tones like tan, brown and russet are the perfect choice for any home. This traditional area rug style is instantly recognizable and though it offers a busy pattern, it will work beautifully with a variety of home décor styles like Bohemian, Scandinavian, Farmhouse and of course, Traditional.

Neutral patterned rugs are also a great way to infuse florals into your decor in ways you may not have considered. Got a home filled with boys that balk at the thought of adding flowery accents to your home? A sophisticated gray rug with an understated floral pattern is the perfect option for you! Look for soft, large scale floral patterns to complement Contemporary, Modern and Farmhouse style homes.

Color Balancing

Does your home décor aesthetic include bold colored walls, brightly patterned furniture or abstract works of art? Keep the focus on your furniture and your wall décor when you opt for neutral-colored area rugs. It may be tempting to take your love of patterns and colors to the ground as well, but a soft, neutral rug is a great way to balance out strong colors and themes in the rest of your house.

The best way to use neutral rugs to balance out your home is to asses whether or not your decor features more cool or warm tones. This will make it easier for you to pick out the perfect rug to compliment and calm down your busy, colorful spaces:

• Cool Tones: Your home features varying shades of blue or green, possibly with a Coastal or Modern theme. Choose gray or light beige area rugs with patterns to match your overall style. Beige rugs work particularly well for Coastal themed homes to add a “sandy” design element. Gray area rugs also mix nicely into Modern themes and can help tone down really loud colors like lime green, and even other “hot” colors like hot pink, orange or bright yellow.

• Warm Tones: Your home features varying shades of red, orange or yellow, possibly with an Eastern, Contemporary or Western theme. Choose tan or light brown area rugs in solid or patterned motifs to help soften bold red furniture. An 8 x 10 navy area rug is also a great neutral option to pair with yellow or orange for Modern or Scandinavian styles.

Calming Vibes

Finally, neutral rugs are a great way to help drive home a feeling of calm throughout the entirety of your home. Modern décor trends seem to sway toward homes with all neutral color schemes, in varying shades of gray, white, beige and taupe. Farmhouse and Scandinavian styles, in particular, lean towards these motifs to help add a light, fresh feel to interiors in an updated and elegant way. Light neutral colors on walls, curtains, rugs, and furnishing in soft textures are trending in a big way, and help to create a soothing feel you’ll want to come home to. Try pairing a neutral patterned rug in a darker tone against neutral patterned furniture for a room that looks soft, inviting and modern.

Neutral colored area rugs don’t have to be boring, and in fact, can be the basis for helping your home achieve a finished, sophisticated feel. Whether you want to downplay a busy sofa, keep the focus on a favorite piece of art, or simply achieve a zen vibe in your space, neutral rugs may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Give an inexpensive beige area rug or a gray 8 x 10 area rug a try in any room in your home, and you’ll find yourself loving your stylish neutral territory.

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