How to Pick the Right Colors in a Rug

How to Pick the Right Colors in a Rug

As a rule, when we consider picking colors for a rug, we think of how the rug colors will fit into a room. However, interior designers often advocate for selecting the rug(s) for a room first and then choose the rest of the furnishings.

If you are choosing a rug for a room that already has a color palette established, then a safe rule of thumb is to select an area rug that pulls its colors from the walls, furniture, and soft furnishings. By doing this, the rug will naturally have an appealing mix of neutrals and accent hues. If all the other elements (walls, ceiling, upholstery, window coverings) are done in neutral tones, then bringing in bright colors or deep hues into your rug would make for a lovely contrast.

Colors to Love and Live With

Always pick colors you love--those with which you can live happily day in and day out. Think about those rooms that make you smile each time you enter or a color that makes you immediately feel calm and relaxed or one that inspires creative thoughts.

Color Can Create Atmosphere in a Room

Colors in a room (and that includes those in an area rug) help create an atmosphere. For instance, pale tones can make a living space feel larger than it is. Subtle muted colors are calming influences in a room. Bright colors and vibrant hues bring a lively vibe to any space.

Consider adding a rug with a neutral sensibility to a room filled with lots of colors. Conversely, a rug with distinctive color usually works well in a room with a neutral color palette. In other words, a rug that creates an appealing color contrast is often a great option.

Other Considerations

After you’ve invested so much time and effort into finding a rug in just the right colors, be sure the rug you choose is made of materials that will hold that color through everyday use and occasional cleaning. That way, you can maintain those beautiful colors so that your rug looks bright and fresh for years to come.

As you’re searching for those perfect rug colors, at the same time consider each rug in relation to your lifestyle--children, pets, how you entertain and how much foot traffic comes through your home. Then choose a rug that will fit well with your family’s needs.

You’ll also want to select a rug that brings comfort into your living space, so keep an eye out for a texture that’s soft underfoot and comfortable.

As you can see, choosing the right colors for your new area rug is far-reaching. It can have an enormous impact on the visual appeal and the room’s atmosphere, either positively or negatively. So, this is an essential adventure in color exploration, but one that can be extremely satisfying as you reach a successful result. You, your family, and guests will enjoy a beautiful, color-infused area rug in a comfortable, inviting for a long time to come.

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Melody Neece - March 17, 2022

I have just redone my front room in white ship lap high chair rail and a lovely cream color just above the railing throughout the room -my drapes are a golden beige as well as my pair of club chairs (which have just a hint of dot of red within a darker beige triangle pattern. would the choice of the rug Salamanca be an appropriate color for my rooms palette? I have been going over many many of your rugs for the past week and still cant decide. thanks so much for your help!

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