One Room, Multiple Rugs: 5 Ways to Play with Pattern & Color

One Room, Multiple Rugs: 5 Ways to Play with Pattern & Color

Do you have a contemporary interior space that needs a few finishing touches? Is it a modern space that needs a lively boost? Maybe a gorgeous area rug may be exactly what your room is waiting on. Luckily you won’t be limited by minimal options.

Contemporary rooms can be enhanced by including more than one style of rug. While modern living spaces can be made better by vintage area rugs, tribal rugs and more. Here are five ways to play with pattern and color to make your decor sing:


Vintage area rugs with their gently loved aesthetic can merge beautifully into modern spaces, traditional rooms, open contemporary living spaces, and Boho rooms, to name a few. You’ll want to experiment with these lovely rugs.


Area rugs in stunning geometric patterns fit exceptionally well into Mid-Century modern rooms. Of course, geometrics are gorgeous in contemporary interiors. A geometric rug with an oversized scale can become the focal point of an open space.


Abstract rug designs also take contemporary rooms to a whole new level. If you’re fond of rhythm and movement in your home’s decor, abstract style area rugs will delight you. Color and flow are what these rugs are all about. You’ll never forget the look of these cool patterns.


From traditional fields of flowers to watercolor-inspired large blooms, you’ll find more than one look that captivates you among these floral area rugs. Again, this style will work beautifully in your modern rooms and especially in your contemporary spaces.


Awesome tribal rug designs also work well in modern and contemporary rooms as in many other style spaces. They seem to know no interior design style boundaries. Tribal area rugs can make almost any room better, more inviting and more elevated. You really must explore these amazing area rugs designs. You’ll be glad you did.

All five of these area rug styles mentioned above will allow you to play with color and pattern to elevate your modern or contemporary room. While you’re exploring the possibilities for adding the great look of area rugs to your room, you’ll enjoy learning more about your own design aesthetic and more about the wonderful world of rugs. Color, pattern, natural fiber, synthetic, machine-made, hand-woven, all are part of the intriguing story of area rugs.

So, you see, there is more than one way to infuse warmth and great style into your home with fabulous and fun area rugs. Quietly elegant or boldly patterned rugs are just a click away. You really can choose from five rugs to make your one room better. How easy is that? Discover all the beautiful options available to you. You’ll surely wow your family and friends with the rug you choose.

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