Pets and Rugs: 6 Tricks to Keep Your Area Rugs Clean

Pets and Rugs: 6 Tricks to Keep Your Area Rugs Clean

Love your pets? But can't seem to keep your area rugs clean with your furry friends roaming around? We feel your pain. A number of Rugs2go customers are animal lovers too. Though a clean home while having pets around don't always go hand-in-hand. Over the years, we learned a thing or two about how to help maintain clean rugs for pet owners. 
Some of Rugs2go customers have been pet owners all their lives. Whether it's cats, dogs, guinea pigs, chickens, the list goes on. It can be tricky to maintain clean rugs especially with light colored rugs that go with many home decors.
If you have a light-colored rug collection and love a clean living area, this can be a recipe for disaster as a pet owner. Either live with the stains and dirt or constantly be vacuuming and shampooing my rugs. 
There is a happy medium that can save your sanity. Unfortunately, some pet owners learned these tricks the hard way. Fortunately, you don't have to!
Below are Rugs2Go's top 6 tricks to keep your area rug clean whether you own a cheap 8x10 Walmart rug or finely crafted Vogue Collection rug. 

1. Time for Fido to get a trim?

When Fido gets excited, he can't help but run around or scoot across the carpet. It's hard to get upset at him, right? 
But his excitement can leave lasting damage, to include snagging the strands of carpet rug material. This can cause an unraveling effect that would eventually leave spots that are bare and off-colored compared to the rest of the rug. 
Thus, trimming your pet’s nails with a pet nail file helps to remove the rigidity left to make the nails feel smooth again. 

2. Polyester is your friend!

With your furry friends roaming around all day, polyester and polyester-blend rugs just may be your new BFF. Polyester and polyester-blend rugs are some of the most durable and stain-resistant rugs for pets. 
Not sure where to find quality polyester and polyester-blend rugs? Be sure to check out our Exquisite Collection of large and small rugs that are 15% polyester. 

3. New season? Time for a change.

Changing your furniture arrangement periodically can add years to the life of your rugs. 
Specifically, rearranging furniture breaks up natural pathways that pets walk across the area rug. This, in turn, helps to reduce the wear and tear to a particular area.
After all, every season brings in a new energy. Changing your furniture arrangement has the added benefit of giving your home a new look!

4. Go pro!

Large area rugs can be tricky to tackle stubborn stains. Hiring professional carpet cleaners can go a long way. 
Professional cleaners get to the bottom of the deepest stains and the dirtiest rugs with the proper tools and cleaning agents.
The result? Longer lifespan of your carpet and your area rugs look brand new. 

5. Got carpet powder? 

Just have a small area rug so don't need to go pro? No problemo. Carpet powder helps to pull up hair, dander and other particles that are deeper into the carpet rug fibers. 
There are various carpet powders for homes with pets available. This can be found online to your local Target or Home Depot rug section.

6. Black Light Flashlight

Thought you got rid of all those tough stains? But not sure where that smell is coming from? Black light flashlights can help spot those trouble spots. Specifically, it makes urine spots light up when the overhead lights are off.  Fortunately, these special flashlights are inexpensive and found at most pet stores. 

Bottom line:

There are a gazillion more ways to properly care for your carpet when you have pets. Some of the methods do require pet maintenance.  
At the end of the day, maintaining your carpet is a representation of your home. A clean and tidy home can impact your mood and your guests' perception of you.
That's why quality area rugs can have so many benefits for your home. The key is knowing how to properly care for them! 
If you’re looking for affordable and quality area rugs to brighten up your home, Rugs 2 Go can assist you with all of your carpeting needs.


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Joyce S Smith - November 14, 2019

Do you sell any rugs smaller than 5’7?

Sandy - September 26, 2019

Does the Aurora come in 6×9. This rug is absolutely what I have been looking for. And if so, how soon can I have it delivered?

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