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Flat Weave Rugs

Flat weave area rugs are considered contemporary masterpieces underfoot, with endless variations of colors, enchanting designs, and supreme durability.

Woven Rugs

Inspired by comfort and luxury, our plush pile rugs give a superior feeling of relaxation underfoot with thick and rich fibers that maintain their integrity for years, even in high-traffic.

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Our rugs offer exceptional resistance to organic solvents like fats, so it’s tougher for messes to stick around. Polypropylene fibers create a naturally slippery surface, meaning spills virtually slide right off, keeping your carpet fresh as a breeze. The fibers’ non-porous, synthetic materials won’t hold on to odor so the rug will always.

The naturally slick surface of polypropylene means that liquids won’t seep into the fibers, keeping the rug from ever getting soaked. Our polypropylene rugs are naturally resistant to absorbing moisture, making our them a great choice to place anywhere in your home.

Carpet moths love to chew on the keratin found in the natural fibers on wool rugs. Untreated, carpet moths can lead to a costly infestation and the destruction of an area rug. Not a problem with our rugs! Polypropylene fibers are naturally resistant to moths, man-made fibers are not in their diet so they won’t even come close, That’s one less worry when it comes to your rug!  

The polypropylene yarn used in our production gives the rug's surface a semi-crystalline composition that won’t break when repeatedly bent or stressed. The fibers hold up to friction, twisting and the general wear & tear of high traffic.Tough, flexible and affordable, our polypropylene rugs offers excellent quality, value and beauty.

Polypropylene yarns have a great resistance to electricity, they offer a low friction factor due to their high-density construction, making it an optimal electrical insulator and perfectly safe to place close to electrical sources.

Polypropylene rugs are chemical-resistant, meaning diluted bases and acids won’t readily react to our rug’s fibers. These fibers are given their color in a liquid state process which means that the coloring seeps into the fiber and sets for a longer time. This means the bright, vibrant colors and patterns in your favorite rug will stay true year after year.