10 Perfect Rug Types for a Coastal Look

10 Perfect Rug Types for a Coastal Look

Coastal style rooms are some of the most appealing spaces you’ll find. Light and airy, they offer the best elements of sand and sea. Beautiful watery blues and greens with a dash of sandy tones to mimic the beach are usually found in these awesome rooms.

Whether your coastal space is on the water or far away from the beach in the middle of the city, your coastal style room will be enhanced by the perfect bold and beautiful blue area rug. Area rugs add a soft, comfortable look to already beautiful coastal interiors. If your dream coastal space doesn’t include kitschy touristy elements like lobsters and seahorses, don’t worry!   That’s not the look of many area rugs you’ll find to fit into your coastal interiors.

Explore unexpected rug styles to add a stylish, yet iconic coastal feel to your home. It’s that light and airy feel you’re going for, maybe even an illusion created by color and pattern. Think creatively as you consider all the gorgeous blue hue area rug designs!  You’ll see. Here are ten rug styles for your consideration:

Flat Weave - Low Pile

Beauty, ease of care and durability make flatweave rugs a great choice for many interior styles, including coastal spaces. You’ll find lots of patterns with just a touch of ocean blue or rugs that are infused with bold shades of the blue we associate with coastal style. Don’t think these rugs have to showcase shells or seahorses; many patterns just mimic ocean waves or an atmospheric aura.  

Woven Rugs - High Pile

High pile rugs will require a bit more care at the beach, but coastal decor is often used away from the ocean in apartments, townhouses, and suburban homes—all ideal locations for these plush rugs.

Abstract Rugs

Gorgeous abstract rugs may be made of many different fibers, synthetic, natural, and a mixture of both. With their lovely illusory patterns, some abstract designs in bold hues are perfect additions to coastal style.

Floral Design Rugs

Floral style rugs can be just right for coastal interiors. From tiny floral traditional patterns to the currently popular overblown flowers that seem to explode in riotous hues on these floral rugs, there are certainly watery blues for your rooms.

Geometric Rugs

If geometrics work for you, consider geometric rugs in shades of blues that fit into your coastal room plans.

Modern Rugs

Craving lively pattern in your coastal interiors? Modern rugs may be just the look you long for. From light, ethereal patterns to uneven stripes, you’ll find lots of blue options in this category.

Oriental Rugs

Even oriental rugs offer beautiful options to enhance coastal style rugs. Not normally thought of as coastal, oriental rugs will surprise you with their ability to fit into many style rooms. They’re extremely versatile. Especially suitable if you’re going for a beautiful high-end look. Explore these gorgeous elegant area rugs.

Transitional Rugs

You’ll find many stunning rug designs in a blue color palette in transitional style rugs. They’re called transitional because they can beautifully merge into traditional and just as easily into contemporary spaces. That chameleon-like ability makes the transitional area rug category a very good place to find rugs you’ll love for your coastal style interior spaces.

Tribal Rugs

If you’re looking for bold blue mixed with other vivid hues to amp up a coastal space, consider looking at what tribal style area rugs can offer.

Vintage Rugs

Lovely vintage style rugs: whether colorful or treated to seem worn, can be beautiful in watery blue rooms.

Now that you’re learned about some of the unexpected rug styles you may want to explore for your coastal interiors, it’s time to choose one or more of your favorites with bold blue tones and see how it looks in your room. Who knows, one of these rugs may inspire a whole new direction for your coastal decor.

We hope you have an exciting time exploring all the possibilities for your chosen style. If you need help in your search for that perfect area rug, just let us know, and a Rugs2Go expert will be glad to assist you. See you soon!

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