Flatweave, Low Pile or High Pile , What Rug Do YOU Need?

Flatweave, Low Pile or High Pile , What Rug Do YOU Need?

Don’t know where to start?  When selecting a rug for your home, there are so many elements to consider that the task can become overwhelming. Pattern, color, size, material--all are important, but often most confusing can be the rug’s pile height. What type will work best for your lifestyle? Flat-weave, low pile, high pile--all have pros and cons and all are beautiful in their own way. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding which rug pile will work best in YOUR home:

Do you have pets?

Looped rugs do not typically go with cats and dogs. Their nails can easily get caught and damage the rug or cause injury to the pet. So, you’ll want a cut-pile rug. These are also very easy to clean and maintain so you won't have to deal with smelly or stained rugs if your furry ones have an accident.

Will your rug live in a high-traffic area?

If so, choose a flat weave rug with a rug pad underneath or a low pile rug. These beautiful rugs have no pile to be crushed, leaving a distinct trail after being walked on continuously day after day, especially in areas where there’s one route to take across a room or in and out of a space.

Do you like to change your furniture layout often or make lots of decor changes?

Then a flat weave rug will make your life easier because they are lighter weight, more flexible, and thus much easier to move about and save your back as you satisfy your need for change.

Are you fond of layering area rugs in your home?

Flatweave rugs are perfect for layering. Choose different patterns and different size rugs to create beautiful layers for a warm and comfortable look.

Does anyone in your household suffer from allergies?

Low pile rugs are easy to vacuum to remove dust and allergens that might get stuck in a deeper pile. Many of these rugs will not shed as much as longer pile options.

Are you going for a luxurious look or a super warm and cozy atmosphere?

High pile or shaggy area rugs will give you those looks. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that high pile rugs will require more effort to keep them clean.

And that brings us to one overarching rule in the world of rugs. No matter what rug you choose, take their care seriously. No rug will look its best unless it is maintained in pristine condition by vacuuming regularly, turning periodically to assure an even wear pattern, spot cleaning immediately in case of spills, and cleaning as necessary. Following these common-sense recommendations will prolong the life of your rugs and make them focal points you’ll be so proud of year after year, no matter which type of rug you choose!

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Matliving - March 17, 2022

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Alyssa - March 22, 2021

Hi, I would like an area rug for my daughter’s bedroom (17 months old). It will act as a cozy place for us play. We have three pets (dogs and a cat), and while they aren’t routinely in her room, pet fur is still an issue. Your article recommends against looped rugs. Are all low or high pile rugs looped rugs? Is the alternative to a looped rug a flatwoven rug? Thanks for clarifying. What type of rug would you recommend? Thank you!

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