4 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Rug

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Rug

An area rug or a runner can really make or break any space. Whether it's an office, a dorm, a living room or even a kitchen what you put on the floor will really impact the harmony, warmth and even size of your space, so it's a pretty big deal! Even though it is such a vital part of your home it shouldn't be so complicated or stressful. Here are the 4 key things you need to think about before getting a new rug.  

1. What is the rug for?:

It is very important to consider where you are laying the rug. This helps to determine the material, texture, and size of the rug that would be most suitable for that room. Not every rug gets the same use so it's important to think how much traffic, light and 'action' your rug is going to endure. If you're getting a rug for your dining room you might want to go for a low pile that won't interfere with your chairs and dark tones to hide stains well. Or if you want an outdoor rug it's important to make sure the rug is easy to wash. 

There are other more fancy and delicate rugs that can't take so much traffic, they begin to lose their beauty at the slightest hint of dirt. These kinds are best used in rooms where there aren't usually many people treading on them, say, for instance, a bedroom. So it is very important to put into consideration the kind of rug that would be most useful in your preferred location.

2. What is the room layout?

Knowing the layout of the room where the rug should be laid is also as important as the first tip. Here, the furniture, the doorway, and other factors are put into consideration. For instance, if the furniture pieces are backed up to the wall in your living room, having the front legs of your furniture on the rugs makes the room look quite cohesive and less spacey. However, if you want a rather contemporary look, placing the rug in the center without any furniture legs on it will give the desired look.

The bed is often the focal point of the bedroom so it should enjoy all the rug attention that it can get. This may mean placing the bed on the rug or placing rugs around the bed. When the bed is to be placed on the rug, it is a nice practice to make the rug extend about 24" to the sides of the bed. This ensures that your feet fall on something warm and cozy after a nice sleep.

For the dining room, the rug can be placed beneath the table with about 24" of the rug extending out from underneath. This is done so that the chairs can still sit on the rug even when in use. Also, if you don't want every step taken in your hallway to echo all around the house like in the horror movies, placing a rug in it will do the trick. Laying the rug about 6"  from the walls on all sides will not only muffle the haunting echoing steps, but it will also give your hallway a more beautiful look. Your stairway can mostly enjoy the same treatment as the hallway with just about 2-3" from the edges. It is also a nice idea to lay rugs in the kitchen. Runners along the counters will do the trick.

However, you should know that a rug is only as beautiful as its usefulness. That is why you should consider putting rugs that hide stains well in rooms like the living room, dining room, playrooms, and the kitchen. If you have kids or own pets, you should also consider using rugs that are tough and durable and can do well under rough usage.

3. Shape and size matters

The size and shape of the rug should also be put into consideration. Big rugs don't necessarily have to be for big rooms just as small rugs are not always destined for small rooms. The choice of rug size completely depends on you.

Square rugs usually work well in square rooms with square tables while round rugs look good in rounded rooms with rounded furnishings and runners are best used in narrow pathways. It is as simple as that.

Do you still need help figuring out the right size for your space? Check out our complete sizing guide by clicking HERE

4. What about colors and patterns?

It would actually be quite cool to be able to use a colorless rug, don't you think? It would be like stepping on solid water. Unfortunately, there isn't anything as such yet so we are left to make the best use of the colors that there are at the moment. But brighten up! The existing colors are enough to give you a colorful life in your home. Colors and patterns allow you to flex your creativity muscles and to test the limits of your imaginations. You don't even have to be a guru at interior designs before you can pick what works best for you.

Generally, cool and serene colors are best for the bedroom, especially if you don't want to feel like colors are screaming at you the moment you wake. The living and dining rooms allow for even more creativity because you can try different colors and patterns that make the rooms feel quite lively and welcoming. You may decide to be conservative by matching your rug color with the color of your wall. You may also decide to get bold by using contrasting colors. The color of your outdoor rug can be chosen to mirror the brightness of the environment. It is your house, your rules, your rug, your color!

The best part about this is that you can order for the best rugs for your homes in different kinds, shapes, sizes, and colors at very inexpensive costs from us. Awesome! Isn't it?

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Elizabeth Vickery - March 17, 2022

I love the runner I bought from you! I was worried the colors might be different than as pictured but it was perfect and the design is authentic looking It looks much more expensive than the actual cost

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