Mixing and Matching: How to Combine Rug Patterns with Every Decor

Mixing and Matching: How to Combine Rug Patterns with Every Decor

One of the biggest style statements you can make in your home is with a bold and beautiful area rug. So it’s no wonder that when it comes time to choose a rug pattern to fit in with your décor, people end up feeling stuck, confused or simply unsure. However, mixing and matching your rugs with your existing furniture and décor is easy and fun when you know a few simple tricks. Read on and we’ll help guide you towards finding and combining the best area rugs to fit your style!

Farmhouse Chic

You love clean white kitchens, rustic accents, wooden furniture and a little bit of leather and linen … the Farmhouse style is so you! Luckily, picking a rug to fit in with your modern country décor is easy! When you’re shopping for a Farmhouse style rug, keep your color scheme light and your patterns whimsical. You can choose a classic floral pattern, Eastern-style scroll motifs, and even subtle geometric prints. The key is to pick a soft, neutral hue to help keep the overall motif in your home happy and light!

Coastal Cool

Long walks on the beach, fruity drinks, and upscale nautical themes … you’re floating towards a Coastal theme décor! If you find yourself drawn to driftwood accents, wicker furnishings, and sandy colored fabrics, then a big and bold navy area rug is the perfect option for you. Try picking cool turquoise area rugs or dark blue area rugs to mimic the sea and really add a pop of brilliant seaside color to all of your beachy-themed decors.

Boho Home

Trinkets from faraway travels, brightly-colored embroidered pillows, and kitschy wall art … you’re a Bohemian at heart! If your home is outfitted in vintage furnishings mixed with cool exotic finds in a blend of colorful patterns, then finding a rug to fit into your Boho décor may be a little confusing. It may be tempting to reach for a solid colored rug, but don’t be shy! The Boho home décor style is all about mixing and matching, so feel free to really go for it. Floral couches and armchairs look excellent paired next to Eastern-themed scroll motif area rugs, and floral area rugs look great next to all of your cool vintage thrift store finds. With Boho, anything goes!


Clear, open spaces, clean lines, and bright natural lighting … for you, when it comes to style, less is more. Just because you’re opting for a Minimalist Modern approach to your home décor doesn’t mean you should shy away from patterned rugs. In fact, a patterned area rug can be the perfect way to inject a little bit of personality into these sometimes too stark spaces. For the best effect, try a geometric print rug in black, white or gray to create a smart look straight out of the style pages.


No frills, no fuss … you love the look of traditional style home. Solid wooden furniture, classic fixtures, and traditional wall art appeals to your tastes. To keep in line with this theme, you can choose a variety of different rug prints to accent your home depending on your personal preferences. Floral rugs work well in soft, neutral prints, as well as Eastern-themed scroll motif rugs in classic taupe and brown colorways. Even modern-looking geometric print rugs can work well in these spaces as long as you choose a color scheme that matches your furniture and décor!


Concrete, brick and exposed pipes really speak to your aesthetic … you like the Industrial style! High ceilings, vintage woods, and clean, stainless steel fixtures and appliances are your décor inspiration. If you want to keep up with this popular trend in your home, then you’ll want to stick to neutral rug tones to bolster this look. Try a dark-colored area rug in a subtle geometric or abstract print to give your Industrial style home an artistic accent.

One of the great things about finding your home décor style is that the more you play with texture and prints, the more you get to know what you really like. Keep researching, experimenting and playing with your style and you’ll find that picking out the perfect accent pieces to your home will be second nature and you'll be so glad you did!

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