5 Giftable Rug Designs to Make You a Holiday Hero

5 Giftable Rug Designs to Make You a Holiday Hero

Every year, hunting down the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be the most stressful part of the holidays. From having to brainstorm unique gift ideas for each person on your list to scrambling between stores only to find that something’s out of stock, thoughtful gift-giving isn’t always as easy as we wish it was. 

Luckily, this year can be different. Whether holiday shopping for a sibling, close friend, parent, or anyone else who might need a new piece to reinvigorate their space, a gorgeous area rug can make for a memorable gift to last for years on end.

What makes for the most giftable rug? 

Aside from choosing an area rug that fits the aesthetic of one’s home, it’s important to search for qualities in its construction that allow for easy maintenance. Flatweave rugs, which are constructed as a single piece with vertical and horizontal fibers, are a popular pick because of their affordability, versatility, and durability. This lightweight rug type offers great insulation for the cold but simultaneously traps much less heat in the warmer months. For this reason among many others, flatweave rugs are very transitional, meaning they’ll suit any home well beyond the holiday season.



If you’re on the look for seamless patterns to add some visual variance to any space, keep your eyes peeled for a geometric design. Composed of a mixture of lines, shapes, and curves to give an abstract and modern look, a geometric area rug can either offer simplicity or complexity, as well as neutrals or an explosion of color. When in doubt, a versatile geometric design is always a fantastic choice. 

View some of our most popular geometric rugs: 


The trend of distressed rugs is sure to last for some time, considering the appeal of its vintage look. This trendy, aged finish is usually achieved through intense chemical treatment, a process that ultimately results in a worn-out look that is currently very popular. While the distressed look doesn’t necessarily prescribe any particular pattern or color for its designs, it is distinct in its own right for looking rustic and one-of-a-kind. 

View our favorite distressed rugs:


Looking to spice up a space? A gorgeous tribal area rug might just do the trick. While utilizing a diverse palette of rich colors and a combination of sharp patterns, this style is sure to bring vitality to any home. 

View our favorite tribal rugs:


One of the best ways to make any room more ornate is to add an oriental area rug. This versatile style is timeless and clicks with both traditional and modern interior design. Like several others on this list, oriental designs tend to feature a combination of rich color combinations and extraordinary designs, making each rug crafted in this style wholly unique.

View our favorite oriental rugs:


Abstract area rugs are known for their ability to use eye-catching color in spaces that lack a distinct pattern. These pieces are often vibrant and bold, creating images that are bound to be the focal point of any room. 

View our favorite abstract rugs: 

So wether you are gifting a rug or getting your home ready for the Holidays a rug is always an affordable touch of style and sophistication that will make ANY space pop! Also, our flatweave rugs ship boxed so it's the perfect gift in every way! 


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