5 Convincing Reasons to Get Yourself a Flatweave Rug Today

5 Convincing Reasons to Get Yourself a Flatweave Rug Today

While looking for a piece of home decor to liven up your living space––particularly in the form of a gorgeous area rug––it may be difficult to narrow down your countless options. Firstly, a high-quality area rug can be quite the investment, especially if you’re wanting something that will last. And secondly, you might be on the hunt for something that will be compatible with any space you put it in. If this is case, we at Rugs2Go have just the rug for you; and today, we’ll be relaying five fantastic reasons to snag yourself a flatweave rug as soon as possible. 

What is a flat weave rug? 

Flat weave rugs are constructed using a rather straight-forward method: a simple weaving technique that doesn’t include high piles or fibers. Built using this basic technique, flat weave rugs are usually lighter and more flexible than their knotted or tufted counterparts. 


They’re incredibly lightweight 

Because flat weave rugs are not built with a high pile, or great fiber density, they are usually constructed with less material and, therefore, are one of the lightest rugs available. As a result, flat weave rugs are incredibly flexible and much easier to stow away if you’re keen on switching out your home decor frequently. 

They’ll hold up for a very long time
If you’re looking for a durable option for high-traffic areas in your home, a flat weave rug is the perfect choice. Because of their flatness, these rug types are generally less prone to developing marks of wear and tear––meaning, with good care, you can keep one in top-notch condition for years on end. 

They can be used year-round
Because of their lightweight, breathable build, flat weave rugs are the perfect pick for your home in the hotter months of the year, seeing as they don’t trap heat in. Additionally, these rugs also serve as fantastic insulators in the colder months, keeping heat in and energy costs low. 

They’re surprisingly easy to clean
As opposed to shaggier rugs that require meticulous care and maintenance, flat weave rugs can be cleaned using a vacuum without damaging the area rug. These rugs can also be shaken or beaten to be rid of looser dust particles, or even blotted in the case of messes or spills. 

They’re one of the most affordable rugs on the market

Compared to many other types of rugs with more complex construction methods, flat weave rugs are much simpler to make, and as a result, significantly cheaper. If you’re on the hunt for a stunning piece that won’t break the bank, a flat weave rug just might be the perfect match!

Without a doubt, flat weave rugs are one of the most popular types of area rugs that are made today, particularly for their affordability, durability, versatility, easy maintenance.

Interested in brightening up your living space with your very own? Peruse our entire catalogue of beautifully crafted, flat weave rugs today!

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