The Perfect Rug for Your Pets - Our Award-Winning Flatweaves

The Perfect Rug for Your Pets - Our Award-Winning Flatweaves

If you love pets just as much as we do and are lucky enough to have one, you probably already know that choosing compatible home decor can be pretty tricky. No matter your pet’s breed or size, it’s important to do your research and consider rug builds that will hold up over time, despite messes and extra wear-and-tear.

What kind of rugs are good with dogs and cats? Flatweave rugs.

Read on to learn more about why they are one of the most pet-friendly options available today! Your pet AND your wallet will thank you!


In order to preserve the pieces you select for your living space, we recommend opting for a low-maintenance and durable rug to accommodate the shedding, messes, and activity of your furry friends. Luckily for you, flatweaves are the perfect pick for the ultimate affordable pet friendly rugs

Your pet’s claws won’t snag

Because of flatweave rugs’ no-pile construction, you’ll never have to worry about your pet’s claws getting caught and/or pulling on its materials. However, if you opt for a fluffier alternative, or rug with a higher pile, you may encounter stuck paws or pieces of your beautiful shag rug pulled from its backing. Simply-constructed flatweave rugs, on the other hand, are one of the safest options pet owners can choose when selecting a gorgeous piece for their home. Even the most stubborn pup or kitty will be no match for these pet approved flat weave rugs :)

They’ll withstand virtually any mess

One of our favorite parts of flatweave rugs is that they’re already incredibly easy to clean, making potential pet messes less of a hassle than they would be with rug types. To start, you’ll have a much easier time blotting messes up from a flatweave rug than any other type––they’re even highly absorbent, so staining isn’t even a huge concern. Secondly, though it is recommended that pet owners vacuum more frequently to keep their area rugs in tip-top shape, flatweaves don’t require it as often as their higher-pile counterparts––and even when they do, it’s effortless. All around, these rugs are low maintenance, and a top pick for any pet lover on the hunt for a new area rug.

They’re durable and suitable for high-traffic areas

More than any other type of rug build, flatweaves are certainly the most durable. Why? Because of their sheer flatness, they aren’t nearly as vulnerable to prints developing on their surface. When it comes to pets running around your home, you can be sure that flatweaves will hold up in just about any high-traffic area you may place it.

They’re much cheaper to replace

If, on the off chance that your rug does not fare well with pets in the house, flatweaves are one of the most inexpensive kinds on the market. While it’s certainly a last resort option after regularly cleaning and caring for your flatweave rug, replacing it will (thankfully) not break the bank. Washable rugs are a good option but they are very expensive and not as durable whilst hydrophobic flatweaves are easy to clean and they cost a fraction of the price!

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