5 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Rug

5 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Rug

Outdoor decor may not be a top priority to you, but given the incredible benefits of outdoor rugs, we might just be able to change your mind. With their incredible durability and low maintenance, outdoor rugs have quickly become one of our favorite pieces to add to both outdoor and indoor living spaces. 

Eager to learn more about this versatile rug type? Read on for our top five perks to investing in an outdoor rug!


Bring life to any outdoor space
As you can imagine, an area rug––no matter where it’s planted––has the power to bring color, shape, texture, and pattern to any living space. Oftentimes, outdoor decor is the last thing that we’ll tackle when making our homes our own, but a simple outdoor rug can really get your creative juices flowing when it comes to sprucing up your deck or patio. 

Preemptively protect flooring for years to come
Another significant benefit of investing in an outdoor rug comes with its protective capabilities. By simply placing an outdoor rug on top of your wooden or concrete deck or patio, you can preserve the surface for much longer. Because outdoor rugs split the ideal difference between trendy aesthetics and durable builds, they’re perfect for surfaces that experience a high volume of foot traffic. Better yet, these rugs are relatively inexpensive and can be easily replaced, unlike the surfaces beneath them.

Easily cover up floor damage
Already have some pesky floor damage on your hands and want to put something prettier in its place? From water spots and stains to scratches and cracks, an outdoor rug will absolutely do the trick

Have some damage on indoor flooring that you’ve been meaning to deal with? A gorgeous outdoor rug will work just as well inside! These versatile pieces offer protection and coverage to just about any living space imaginable. 

Enjoy all-around effortless care
If you’re familiar with area rug care, you probably know how much of a headache cleaning them can be. However, most of the “don’ts” for cleaning indoor rugs do not apply to their outdoor counterparts. You can use a damp cloth to wipe away stains, scrub with a soapy brush, even hose it down when it’s time for a deeper clean. Since outdoor rugs aren’t absorbent, they’ll dry quickly and completely unscathed. When it comes to cleaning and care, outdoor rugs are relatively low maintenance, making them an equally great option for both outdoor and indoor use. 

Avoid fading over time
One of the greatest perks to outdoor rugs is the fact that they are designed to be fade-resistant. Even the highest quality of indoor rugs are not able to face too much sun exposure without the risk of losing their color and vibrance over time, so outdoor rugs really exceed all expectations when it comes to withstanding the level of wear and tear that indoor rugs cannot. 

In all, we’ve found that outdoor rugs make home decoration and aspects of floor maintenance a piece of cake. Their versatility and extraordinary benefits have us throwing them down all around our homes, and we hope we’ve encouraged you to do just the same! 

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