Washable vs. Flatweave Rugs: Which is Right for You

Washable vs. Flatweave Rugs: Which is Right for You

When it comes to shopping for an eye-catching area rug for your living space, it can be difficult to balance the different considerations that come into play: price, durability, and, of course, aesthetics. However, once you understand some of the basic qualities of rug types on the market, you can very quickly start to identify which might be the best pick for you. 

With that said, today we’ll be comparing washable and flatweave rugs––from materials to durability to ease of care––to help you narrow down your many options and find the best area rug for your home. 


Materials, Pile, & Design
Generally, washable rugs are crafted using any number of synthetic materials, such as polyester and nylon. As a result, they’re usually relatively lightweight, low-pile, and non-bulky. Fortunately, even though their flatweave counterparts are typically made of different poly-blends with a matte, wool-like finish––they are also low-pile and relatively lightweight. The main difference is that flat weaves have a woven design whist most washable rugs are printed, this gives flat weaves a huge advantage because the design will last longer and give a much more natural appearance. 

While the size of your flatweave rug is only important when considering exactly where in your home you’d like to put it, the size of your washable rug will determine how easily you can care for it at home. As straightforward as it sounds, it’s important to remember that a washable rug is only machine washable if it’ll fit inside your washing machine. If the ease of simply tossing your piece into the wash is a major factor in getting this kind of rug, first ensure that it’ll fit. 

Cleaning & Durability
At Rugs2Go, we love our flatweave pieces for their incredible durability and lifespan, both of which are due to their materials, construction, and low piles. Since many washable rugs can regularly withstand washing machines, you can probably imagine that they are actually very similar in terms of durability. 

While this is generally true, it’s vital to remember that washable rugs should only be cleaned this thoroughly when absolutely necessary. Part of the reason that flatweaves are so durable stems from the fact that they are usually only spot-cleaned. In order to maintain their shape, structure, color, and many other qualities, washable rugs should only be cleaned when actually dirty (and after vacuuming, spot-cleaning, etc.). 

Aside from the distinct use of synthetic versus natural fibers, washable and flatweave rugs actually have more in common than you’d think! However, their differences (no matter how small) can play a huge role in helping you to determine which is right for your home and lifestyle. 

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Jim Hood - October 16, 2023

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