5 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Trends for 2022

5 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Trends for 2022

A beautiful area rug may be the last thing you think of when trying to furnish and decorate your home on a budget. With so many pieces ranging from hundreds to literal thousands of dollars, it can be difficult to justify such a cost when prioritizing other items for your living space.

Luckily, the latest home decor trends have found a way to make trendy interior design more financially accessible than ever. Keep reading for the top 5 home decor trends to try on a budget! 


  • Go big or go home
  • A larger rug has the ability to make any room feel bigger, so prioritize scale over a name brand. While bigger rugs may seem more expensive, you’d be surprised how many large, durable area rugs are actually constructed for a reasonable price. 

    When choosing a specific size, it’s recommended that you ensure each piece of furniture in a living area is anchored on the rug in order to achieve the appropriate look. With this positioning, your large area rug is capable of making any living space expand before your eyes!

  • Experiment with layering
  • If the price of a larger area rug is still out of the question, we recommend finding a smaller, more affordable size and a simple oversized rug to layer underneath. Layering has grown in popularity for its visual variety, particularly when printed and solid rugs in the same color family are paired together. Supplementing the size of a gorgeous area rug with a complementary oversized piece is the perfect way to make your space appear bigger without ever going over budget. 

  • Play around with direction
  • Another innovative decor trend on the rise has come from toying around with directional prints. In our experience, these patterns seem to pop a bit more when layered in both horizontal and vertical directions to offer a source of visual contrast to any room. And we know, we’re kind of obsessed with layering, but it’s one of the hottest interior design trends right now––and for good reason!

  • Indulge in an overdyed, synthetic piece
  • In addition to their affordability, synthetic area rugs are some of all-time current favorites––specifically for their ability to accurately reflect the latest trends. Right now, bright, oversaturated rug colors are very on-trend, and they’re much more reasonably priced when attached to synthetic fibers. Whether constructed with viscose, rayon, or nylons, synthetic rugs (when properly cared for) are an affordable way to keep your living space looking stylish as ever. 

  • Save in the long run with something durable
  • Sometimes the best way to save is to invest in an area rug that you know will hold up for years to come. Luckily, flatweave rugs will do just that without costing you an arm and a leg. 

    This rug type can withstand high-traffic areas and regular cleanings, making it the perfect pick for virtually any home. Better yet, flatweave rugs come in so many contemporary styles but are still significantly less expensive than other rugs of different makes and materials. That’s what we call a win-win. 

    With a little research into the latest home decor trends, you can actually save big while maintaining a pretty stylish living space.

    Ready to see some trendy pieces to inspire your next redecoration? Click here to peruse our best-selling collections! 

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