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5 Reasons Why Round Rugs Rock!

When most people think about sprucing up the flooring in their home, the classic 8 x 10 area rug is probably what comes to mind, right? While rectangular rugs are an interior design classic, there’s one type of rug that’s making a big splash again in all types of décor. Round rugs are making a comeback in a big way, and it might surprise you to find out all of the ways that you could incorporate this circular style into your space. Read on and we’ll show you all the ways to make round rugs rule in your home décor!

Layered Looks

One of the biggest trends in home décor flooring right now is to layer rugs. This method can seem intimidating, but by following a few rules, you’ll be able to layer rugs like a pro! Round rugs are a great tool for making layered rugs work for you as they help to create a contrast of shape that helps to visually break up patterns and layers. Try choosing a round rug layered over two different sized rectangular rugs in similar colors and patterns underneath a bed frame, couch or coffee table for a unique way to add geometry and style to your décor.

Special Spaces

Round rugs are an excellent way to make your functional spaces stand out and seem special. It’s an easy trick to help define a space, which is especially important in large rooms or open floor plans. For example, a round rug under an entryway bench can signal a place to sit and remove shoes. Want to create a cozy reading nook? Place a round rug underneath your favorite armchair in the corner of your room, add a bookshelf and you’re in business! How about a fancy place to get yourself ready in the morning? Place a pretty, feminine floral print round rug under your vanity to carve out a special station that’s just for you.

Create Contrast

Rectangular furniture, square appliances, straight edge flooring … isn’t it time to soften things up a bit? Round rugs help to create contrast and add softness in a world where edges are sharp and things may look a little severe. Consider placing a round rug under your dining room table for an unexpected element that will visually draw the eye.

Visually Widen a Space

6 feet round rugs

Circular rugs are also great in smaller spaces as they can help to distract from the limited space a room may have. You can achieve the effect of a wider looking space by placing your round rug underneath a couch with a slim profile for a cool curvy effect. The round edges of the rug encourage the eye to scan around the arc of the room, giving the appearance of fluid movement throughout the space.

Highlight Architectural Details

Are there special spaces in your home that deserve a little time in the spotlight? Curved area rugs can help to bring out the best features of your home in this way as well. A bay window is an excellent spot for a round rug, as it visually draws the eye to make this already special space in your home really pop. Rounded light fixtures also get an extra boost from flooring that echoes their shape; a cool architectural chandelier in the living room or kitchen will get double the attention when a round rug is paired with it.

Round rugs are the perfect answer for making any area look a little more special, from your office to your laundry room or wherever your interiors can use a little lift. If you’re in the market for a new area rug, but classic rectangular area rugs are leaving you feeling underwhelmed, give circular rugs a try. It’s a style we’re sure you’ll come around too!

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