8 Tips to Keep Your Area Rugs Clean this Holiday Season

8 Tips to Keep Your Area Rugs Clean this Holiday Season

Awesome and appealing area rugs can bring comfort, warmth, and beauty to interior spaces. However, even a high-end rug that looks gorgeous when it’s new will not keep those handsome good looks without care and maintenance, especially during the holiday season when they'll see more action than usual!  It takes a little time and work to make your area rugs last, but the results are well worth the effort. 

If you’re considering purchasing that amazing area rug you’ve just discovered, or maybe you already have one on the way, you’re probably wondering how to clean an area rug. We’ve got 8 tips you can use to keep your rugs looking great during this lovely season!!

Vacuum Routinely

Vacuuming area rugs should be a part of your regular cleaning routine. Just remember: no beater bar. Your vacuum cleaner’s beater bar attachment should never be used on area rugs. It can damage the rug’s fibers and shorten the life of the rug. Also, do not vacuum vinyl floor cloths. Clean them with a damp cloth instead.

Vacuum Front & Back

Vacuum both sides of the rug. Vacuum the top thoroughly and then flip over and vacuum underneath. In areas with a lot of sand or dust, it may be necessary to vacuum the floor underneath before vacuuming the rug.

Blot Liquid Spills & Pick Up Solids

Blotting, not rubbing, immediately will soak up liquids before they have a chance to soak in. Pick up solids completely, so the mess doesn’t get forced into the rug’s surface. Even wine stains can be cleaned up if you get to them soon enough. 

Be Adaptable - Different Fibers Require Different Methods

Consult your rug manufacturer’s cleaning and care instructions. This is very important since different fibers require different cleaning methods. When it comes to area rug cleaning, one size doesn’t fit all. You’ll want to tailor your cleaning method to the special requirements of your particular rug.

Rinse Well

After cleaning, always rinse well to remove cleaning agents. Even soap and water can leave behind residue that can dull your rug’s colors.

Dry Thoroughly after Cleaning

Never return an area rug to the floor before it’s completely dry. A damp rug can harm floor surfaces. Rugs that are not totally dry can, over time, develop mold or mildew, which can not only cause damage to the rug’s fibers but develop an unpleasant odor.

In addition to area rug cleaning methods, there are a couple of other tips you can implement that will help keep your rugs looking fresh and bright:

Rotate Area Rugs

Regularly rotate area rugs to avoid an unsightly wear pattern. Rotating will prolong the beauty and the life of your area rug. We fall into a routine so easily. That includes taking the same path when walking through our rooms. Without realizing it, we may continuously step on an area rug in the same spots. Over time that can wear down rug fibers and damage them.

Control Direct Sunlight

We love natural light in our interior spaces, but direct sunlight can damage rugs and fade their beautiful colors. If you have a room that gets direct sunlight, especially in the middle of the day, consider partially or completely closing blinds or curtains during that time.

Armed with knowledge about area rug cleaning, with a little extra thought and tender loving care, you’ll be able to prolong the life and the beauty of your area rugs. You put a lot of thought and money into your lovely area rugs, so why not take care of them so that you can enjoy them for a good long time?  Do you till, have questions about caring for your area rugs? Just ask. At Rugs2Go, we’re always happy to help.

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Thomas Clarence - November 25, 2020

I like how you mentioned that it is a good idea to vacuum both sides of a rug in order to keep it clean. My mother wants to buy me an area rug for my apartment as an early Christmas gift this year. These tips you shared will help me keep the area rug clean once I get it in my apartment. https://alexandersrugs.com/

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