6 Tips to Go from “Dormy” to “Homey”

6 Tips to Go from “Dormy” to “Homey”

You did it … you made the big leap to head out on your own and set off for college! While it may seem exciting to be on your own for the first time, there’s no doubt about it; you’re going to miss all of the comforts of home. On top of that, dorm rooms are notorious for feeling cold, impersonal and downright uncomfortable. So what’s a student to do? Read on and we’ll give you 5 easy tips from taking your new college space from “dormy” to “homey.”

New Bedding

It may be tempting to take your tattered old Spongebob pillowcase to school with you, but let's be real; isn’t it time for some grown-up sheets? Heading off to college is the perfect excuse for some fresh new threads, and we mean sheets, pillows, and blankets. Choose a set with color schemes in calming patterns, or be bold and choose a style you’ve always wanted to try out. Don’t be afraid to splurge and get comfy materials, like sheets with a high thread count to make your sleep space as comfortable as possible.



Dorm rooms are notoriously small and cramped for space, but if you have a little extra room, try to bring a comfy armchair with you. Sitting in your desk chair or on your bed for everything isn’t always the best bet, and an extra seat helps you have a place for friends to sit when they stop by.


Side Tables

Whether you use it as a nightstand or a homey decorative accent next to an armchair, a side table is a great way to make your dorm room look a little more liveable. Look for slim tables in lightweight materials for the best, easy-to-move options.



Adding a lamp can help you create a cozy, warmed-up corner of your room. Look for tall lamps that take up less space so you’ll have all the extra light you need without taking up table space.


Area Rugs

Dorm rooms often have icky industrial linoleum, tile or other hard surfaces that help add to their typical institutional feel. One way to really warm up your dorm room is with an area rug. Choose a rug that’s lightweight, easy to clean, and in a non-shedding material for the best, low-maintenance option. Plus, these types of rugs are typically pretty affordable, which is exactly what every student on a budget needs.

Wall Hangings

Most dorm rooms have rules about not painting or putting holes into the walls (bummer). Luckily, there are many available options for hanging hooks, framed pictures and more that won't leave a mark on your wall. Choose lightweight frames and add pictures of your friends and family from home or bring a favorite poster or artwork. Tapestries also make a great way to cover wall space and add a personalized touch to your overall décor.

See...piece of cake! Making your dorm room feel like home is as easy as rolling out a rug, making your bed and hanging a picture from home. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be sure to have a campus-ready space you’ll be happy to come home to.


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