6 Amazing Benefits of Flat-Weave Rugs

6 Amazing Benefits of Flat-Weave Rugs

Plush rugs are amazing and they have their special place in your home; However, when it comes to performance and durability flatweave rugs can’t beat. Flatweave rugs can be used in every area of your home, their versatility is unparalleled. Read on and we’ll show you 6 amazing benefits of flatweave rugs so you can create comfortable living spaces in your home that are flat out fabulous.

Easy Care

Do you love messy dogs, drinking your morning coffee and always having friends and family over? Flatweave rugs are just the thing for you! If you’re a frequent drink-spiller, you know that no matter how careful you are, that glass of wine or cup of tea is sure to end up on your new favorite rug. And no matter how clean you keep your fur babies, dogs and cats are sure to track in (or leave behind) something icky on your area rug at some point. Bottom line: flatweave rugs offer easier care than high pile or shag rugs so you can enjoy the look and feel of a rug underfoot without letting life get in the way.

Great Wear

Is there any surface on your home that gets more traffic, wear and tear than your floor? It’s no wonder that rugs really take a beating considering they come in contact with a parade of feet every day. The beauty of flatweave rugs is that they are designed to withstand this kind of daily wear and tear, while still maintaining their beauty and functionality. Your flat weave rug will keep working hard while other types of carpets may become flattened or even threadbare.


Renters, social nomads, and adventurers know the benefits of being able to easily pack up their things and go!

Ever tried to haul a heavy, rolled-up high pile rug up 3 flights of stairs?  When you roll out a flat weave rug, you’ll be lightening your load for when it’s time to change addresses or hit the road. It’s one piece of decorative furnishing that you won’t have to leave behind!



New homeowners and students all know the struggle of trying to furnish their new house, apartments or dorms on a budget. Besides being super durable and lightweight, flat weave area rugs are also easy on your bank account. In many cases, you can purchase a large area rug in a flat weave for a fraction of the cost for a traditional high pile or shaggy carpet, making this a truly cheap area rug option.

No Shedding

rug shedding

Unlike high-pile rugs, flat weave rugs typically won’t shed. Even with high traffic, friction from furniture and general wear,  the fibers in flatweave rugs will stay put and look great. This means less mess and maintenance for you to worry about too! 

Variety of Style

Do you love sophisticated, contemporary styles? How about big bold colors and prints? Yep, flatweave rugs have you covered again. Whether you are in search of a floral area rug, patterned area rug, or even an affordable farmhouse style area rug, you’ll be able to find the perfect flat weave rug to fit your décor. Plus, since these are inexpensive area rugs, you’ll be able to easily switch out your rugs to fit your changing styles and moods!

So go ahead, round out that unfinished looking living room, warm up a cold-feeling bedroom or add some color to a boring dining room with a high-performing flat weave rug. The only problem you’ll have now is deciding which colors and prints to choose!



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