How to Add Colorful Rugs to Any Space

How to Add Colorful Rugs to Any Space

Picking the perfect area rug can be a bit intimidating for some, especially if style and design aren’t your strong suit. A quality area rug is an investment, and most people worry about choosing the wrong colors, patterns or sizes to fit their space. As a result, it’s common to end up playing it safe and select an underwhelming rug that doesn’t really fit your style or aesthetic.

A colorful rug can transform almost any space in a way that no other home decor style can. However, picking the wrong area rug can end up making an entire room look odd or uninviting. By breaking down a few simple design rules, we’ll show you how to effortlessly select a colorful rug that you’ll enjoy and feel good about. Follow these simple suggestions and we guarantee, you’ll never go back to bland, basic area rugs again!

Keep a Neutral Palette

Yes, we were just encouraging you to choose a colorful area rug, but considering color neutrality is important as well. One way to do this is to keep your colorful area rug in the same “color family” as the other design pieces in your room. For example, a navy blue upholstered couch would get a beautiful boost from a turquoise patterned rug with cool tones. Brown leather furniture would look best with warm colors like red, orange or yellow found in traditionally patterned area rugs. Consider the main color palette of your home, what color is on your walls or main furniture pieces, and choose complementary shades of those colors for your area rugs.

Avoid Color Clash

Remember using the color wheel in art class? It wasn’t just to show you that red and green look nice together; a color wheel is a true tool that all designers use when picking out opposing colors. Orange and blues also work well together, as do yellow and purple and so on. Choosing an area rug with all of these colors can be especially tricky if you already have bright, bold furniture in our room. Be sure to identify the dominant colors in your furniture, and the dominant colors in the colorful area rug you’ve got your eye on, and refer to the color wheel to see if they will visually work together. You’ll be happy you did!

Go Bold with Black and White

While technically not “colors,” black and white motifs on area rugs are difficult in their own way to add to a room. Black and white area rugs can end up making even more of a dramatic visual statement than a colorful rug, especially if chosen correctly. Expressive patterns in black and white are a bold option that works with most modern styles of furniture and it is an excellent choice for Bohemian or Eclectic home decor styles.

When in Doubt, Start Small

If you’re still not sure about adding a colorful area rug to your decor, start small and ease your way in! Runners offer an excellent way to make a statement with color when it comes to area rugs and can add a pop of color to hallways, kitchens, laundry rooms and other small spaces. Try one at the foot of your sink, near your entryway or wherever you’ve been wanting to add a little boost of color and style.

Put it on Display

Now that you’ve taken the leap and invested in a big, bold area rug, don’t hide it! Put that colorful area rug on display and accent it with throw pillows, wall decor, and curtains that match. Keep your colorful area rug free of extra furniture, side tables or coffee tables for maximum style impact. By keeping your area rug free and clear, this colorful addition to your home will be a statement piece you’ll be sure to enjoy.

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