Design Lessons from the Lock-down

Design Lessons from the Lock-down

As we’ve had to shelter in place or self-isolate as some prefer to call our recent foray into staying at home for weeks or even months on end, we’ve learned a thing or two about what’s most important to us and also how interesting our decor daydreams can be.

Perhaps, many of us have also learned a new way of shopping, finding out just how unnecessary it is to actually physically visit a brick and mortar store in order to have a great shopping experience. What do these three learning experiences have in common, how are they connected and how can they have an effect on our lives as we go forward?

Let’s take a look at each of these individually and then see how they come together:

Friends, family and distance relationships

At the top of what we’ve learned is just how important personal interaction with family and friends is. Being accustomed to visiting and physically touching those we love at any time we choose, it’s difficult to be restricted to phone calls, texts and virtual meetings or visits is difficult.

It allows us to understand just how important the personal relationships we sometimes take for granted really are. Intellectually we may understand why it’s important to protect elderly parents by refraining from physically visiting them, caring for them from a distance, but it’s still hard to do.

Daydreams of how to elevate interior spaces

For those who “live and breathe” interior design or simply care very deeply about the look and feel of their home, long days spent at home can easily evoke daydreams of refreshing the living room, home office, children’s rooms or a whole-house redo. After all, imagination and creativity, along with a bit of free time, are what drive beautiful and stylish rooms.

Shopping online beyond necessity

Shopping online for everything from food to clothing and more has probably become necessary as we socially distance. It’s easy and convenient and many may choose to extend that online shopping to furniture, accessories, and area rugs. Here are a few tips for buying rugs on the Internet:

  • Measure, measure, measure--What you want is the size of the area you want your rug to cover, not the size of your room.
  • Learn what rug material is best for your room--Depending upon your lifestyle and how you will use the space you can select a rug that’s just right for you and your family. Things to consider are kids, pets, foot traffic, and social or recreational activities the room will host.
  • Construction (and pile) matter--Softness as in comfort and texture may be ultra-important to you, or perhaps ease of care is the main thing you require in a rug. No matter your preferences, there’s a rug type for every room. Again, do your research.
  • Discover the jargon before you shop--Knowledge is empowering, so learn the words and phrases that are important in the world of rugs. Learn about pile, texture, pattern, and rug type. Knowing the difference in Oriental rugs vs Moroccan or Southwestern area rugs will give you confidence as you shop online.
  • Do your research to find an online rug store you can trust
  • Avoid having to return a rug, but just in case, learn a store’s return policy before you click that BUY button.
  • Request a rug sample so you can see the color and pattern and feel the texture and pile depth of the rug that catches your eye
  • Make your money go further by comparison shopping--no matter whether you’re looking to buy a pricey antique rug or modestly priced indoor/outdoor rug, you want to get the best value for your money.
  • Save even more with free shipping--right now free shipping is available from many online rug sellers.
  • Never compromise on quality, durability, or beauty--Those are essential elements that every area rug should have and are very attainable, given the myriad of options available. So, don’t compromise because you don’t have to.

So, how do these three ideas fit together? The answer is simple--when shopping for area rugs online to bring to life your vision (daydreams) of your elevated interior spaces, think about how much more enjoyable the experience would be if you invited your mom, sister and/or friends along via some form of virtual shopping such as Facetime or other software.

It is surely an idea to consider. Especially since when we can safely reconnect, those who helped to choose your new area rugs and more will feel a real sense of accomplishment and personal connection when they visit and see your finished interior spaces up-close in person.

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Dalton D - August 12, 2020

Great article! Very insightful and creative and helpful when picking the right rug.

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