Upgrade Your Home Office With Rugs

Upgrade Your Home Office With Rugs

At times we find ourselves spending too much of our work (at home) day thinking about how our home office needs a complete redo. If this is your current state of mind, you can change your workspace from all worn out to stylishly elevated!

A successful office refresh starts with the floor. Make sure the flooring is vacuumed and pristine, and that includes cleaning the carpet or wood flooring. Now you can consider where area rugs should be placed for the most prominent visual impact.

Consider these ways to use area rugs effectively in workspaces at home:

  • Splash color across your office with rugs in bold hues or restrained neutrals or a combination of the two.
  • Add rhythm and movement to your space with intriguing patterns.
  • Enhance the look of your office with exciting texture. You get to choose your favorite rug pile, flat weave, shag, sculpted, or any texture that speaks to you.
  • Add interest with an area rug under the desk and office chair. Make sure the area rug you select is large enough to allow for rolling the chair back to stand up. If the chair will roll off the rug, be sure it can do so smoothly.
  • Use an area rug to define a sitting area if your room is large enough to accommodate one. The perfect size area rug for an office sitting area will be big enough for a few inches of the rug to show on all four sides. You don’t want the rug to have that postage stamp look nor one that seems to swallow the furniture.
  • Consider adding a rug at the doorway, if your office is open to a hallway or other living space. Of course, if opening and closing a door must be considered, this rug-placement may not be for you.
  • Embrace the comfort of area rugs in the home office. As with any room, your workspace will be more comfortable with rugs underfoot.

On an additional note, even if you don’t have the option of a room that can be dedicated to a home office, an area rug can add a lot of character to a tiny corner or an appealing spot under a window that you’re using as an alternative workspace.

No matter the size, large or small, any home office can be elevated with beautiful and comfortable area rugs. Now that the rugs are laid, it’s time to tackle the rest of your home office refresh!

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