Our Simple and Complete Area Rug Sizing Guide!

Our Simple and Complete Area Rug Sizing Guide!

Do you love the style and coziness that a rug can add to a home? The right rug can add texture and color to any space. However, it can be extremely overwhelming to find the right rug because of how many options there are. There are many styles, colors, patterns, and sizes. Worry not! this guide has you covered on everything you need to know to pick the perfect size for your space. 

Tips & Tricks for Adding an Area Rug into any Space

Here are a few tips and tricks that are universal for all rug sizes when you’re adding a rug to any room:

  • Bigger rugs make a room look larger.
  • You want to make sure there are eighteen inches of floor showing on each side of the rug.
  • Try layering rugs! Layering rugs add definition, color, and texture to a room. They update the look of a room as well.

Which Rug Size Goes With Each Room Size?

Room Size

Rug Size

5’ by 7’

3’ by 5’

7’ by 10’

5’ by 8’

10’ by 12’

8’ by 11’

11’ by 14’

9’ by 12’

14’ by 17’

12’ by 15’


The Right Rug Size by Room

When choosing a rug size for a specific room there are a few things you should keep in mind. You should consider the size of the space you have, as well as what furniture you have in that room.

Living Room Rugs

There are two ways you can fit a rug into your living room. You can place the rug under your couch or right in front of it. In most cases, people with larger living rooms tend to place rugs under the couch. This is because the rugs tend to be bigger. People with smaller living rooms tend to place the rug right in front of the couch, but it’s all up to personal preference! However, there is one thing you should do that is extremely important. You want to make sure the rug runs the entire length of your couch. Remember, the rug is there to frame the space it’s in and to accent the floors.

The most common rug sizes for living rooms are 5’ by 8’, 8’ by 10’, and 9’ by 12’. A 5’ by 8’ rug is usually placed under a coffee table, and the rest of the furniture in the room is placed off of the rug. An 8’ by 11’ rug usually has either all the furniture placed on it or no furniture at all. 9’ by 12’ rugs usually have all the furniture in the room placed on it.

Bedroom Rugs

There are many ways to incorporate a rug into your bedroom. You can place the rug perpendicular to your bed, halfway under your bed, in the middle of your room, or just under the bed where only two legs are touching the rug. The most common way people place a rug in their bedroom is perpendicular to their bed, just under the nightstand. This is so when you get out of your bed your feet touch warm fluffy fabric, instead of the cold hard floor.

The most common rug sizes for bedrooms are 5’ by 8’ and 9’ by 12’. The 5’ by 8’ rug is most commonly used either at the end of the bed where two legs are placed on the rug or perpendicular to the bed. 9’ by 12’ rugs usually have the bed and both nightstands placed on top of it.

Dining Room Rugs

There is one very important thing to remember when it comes to putting a rug in your dining room. You want to make sure that when you pull out your chairs to sit, the chairs still sit on the rug. The easiest way to figure out what size rug you need is to pull all the chairs out from your table and measure from one chair to another. That will be the minimum-sized rug you need.

The most common rug sizes for dining rooms are 8’ round rugs and 9’ by 12’ rugs. The 8’ round rugs are best for dining tables with four to six chairs. 9’ by 12’ rugs are best for dining tables with six to eight chairs.

Foyer Rugs

The rug placed in the foyer is arguably the most important rug in your house. This is because this is the first rug guests see when they enter your home. You want to make sure the rug coordinates well with the room and gives a good impression! Consider rugs that are patterned or have a lot of colors.

The most common rug sizes for foyers are 5’ by 8’ rugs. These rugs are generally placed in front of the door to tie the room together and to make a good impression.

Hallway Rugs

Hallways tend to be very minimally decorated so the most eye-catching thing will be the rug that is placed there. You want to make sure the rug fits the space because hallways are traveled quite often in your home.

The most common rug size for hallways is runners. Runners come in many sizes but the one that is used the most is 2’ by 7’. Runners should cover seventy-five percent of your hallway with floor showing on all sides of the rug.

Kitchen Rugs

You want to make sure you put a fluffy rug in your kitchen. In your kitchen, your most likely either washing dishes or cooking. Standing on a nice fluffy rug will make the process feel a lot better!

The most common rug sizes for kitchens are 2’ by 3’ rugs and runners. The 2’ by 3’ rugs are used in front of sinks and stoves, runners are used to line your counters.

Wrapping Up

There is a guide to choosing the right rug size! Remember, there is always a rug out there to fit your room perfectly. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect rug size! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us!

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