The Perfect Fall Rugs

The Perfect Fall Rugs

The fall season is one that brings out the warm-fuzzies in everyone. Families and friends draw closer together, pumpkin is added to everything, and the Hallmark channel spreads holiday cheer non-stop on your televisions.

And one of the best ways to help spread the season’s joy throughout your home is by adding vibrant area rugs to accentuate entryways, kitchens, dining rooms, and more!

Embrace a Fall Color Palette

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Infused with all the warmth the season brings to your heart, fall color palettes are an exciting way to spread the joy of the season around your home.

Fall colors tend to be darker and richer than the pastels usually associated with winter and spring or the brightly vivid hues seen in the summer.

Honeyed shades and jewel tones are particular fall favorites. Burgundies, browns, forest greens, and oranges are especially well-loved fall colors.

Area Rug Patterns for Autumn

Autumnal area rugs can come in many different patterns, prints, and designs. Usually, they feature more leafy, natural patterns that match season’s changes outside, but they can feature more neutral striped, boxed, or shape-repeating patterns. They also typically have multiple colors within each rug and multiple shades of each color, adding lots of depth and dimension.

Traditional rugs are commonly thought of when families shop for their fall rugs, and with good reason. They generally have similar color palettes to those featured in this season--sticking with olives, maroons, and navy blues--and they’re a good fit for many spaces. They have more Oriental, Persian, or Victorian inspiration behind their design and are usually very intricately decorated. Their patterns tend to be focused around a large design in the middle, with floral-like patterns circling it.

What is a Harvest Rug?

Harvest rugs are another great way to add both color and a taste of the season to your spaces.

Harvest rugs are hand-braided, natural floor coverings made of woven jute strands that provide a more relaxed feel than more common traditional rugs. They tend to be primarily golden in color but can have contrasting threads interwoven to add a bit more dimension if that’s what you prefer.

Layer Fall or Holiday Front Door Mats/Rugs

If you’re looking for a way to be even more festive with your area rugs, layering fall and holiday doormats together is always a fun idea to try out!

Larger, more neutral rugs with simple patterns and colors provide an excellent base to smaller rugs that feature holiday messages or seasonal shapes.

One tip to keep in mind, though: make sure the colors in your doormat flow well with those on your entryway rug to avoid color-clashing when the front door is open.

So whether you just want to add more flair to your rooms or you want to embrace the season, area rugs are a great way to add warmth and color to your home.

From the largest traditional rug to the smallest doormat, area rugs welcome the fall season into any space.

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