5 Tips to Change Up Your Rugs Every Season

5 Tips to Change Up Your Rugs Every Season

The changing seasons outside create the perfect opportunity to change your decor inside. From spring and summer to fall and winter, decorating by season can help you embrace all that each season has to offer.

With minimal effort and rearranging, seasonal rugs are a simple and affordable way to update your space for the new season. Area rugs can help anchor your room, create a more comprehensive look, and add texture and coziness to your space. Here’s how to update your rugs every season.

Look to autumn hues, patterns, and motifs for fall rug decor.

fall rug

As the summer comes to an end, and the leaves start to fall, many people seek to create a cozy and inviting space for themselves. Take your cues from the changing leaves and embrace beautiful browns, oranges, yellows, and oranges.

Fall is a great time to explore richer and deeper tones. When it comes to fall area rugs, opt for darker colors. Decorating with a dark rug can help add a moody touch without feeling too dark or overwhelming. Plus, pairing a dark fall rug with bright seasonal decor (think pumpkins and gourds) can add a stunning contrast, allowing you to experiment with different accent colors. 

Go for the warmth of wool and blended rugs in the winter months.

christmas rug

Winter is the perfect time of year to curl up on the couch with your favorite comfy sweater, throw blanket, and hot chocolate. Try creating the same cozy, nostalgic feelings this winter with a bold vintage-style blended area rug to add a lived-in and well-loved look to your space.

For a quick winter home update, opt for a playful, blended wool rug to add plush warmth and intense color. To complete the cozy look, layer in a few matching throw pillows and drape a plush throw over the side of your sofa. 

Whether you’re looking to add winter-style rugs to your living room, entryway, or bedroom, using rugs for warmth is a great way to insulate your home against the cold and keep your space comfortable.

Bring the beauty of colorful floral rugs to your floors.

blue floral rug

If you’re feeling a little tired of your old shag rug, or darker colors, a bright spring rug is a perfect way to add a pop of color to your space.

Spring is all about light and bright colors and floral patterns. If you’re looking for a bolder style, opt for a colorful, floral pattern. The pattern is universal, and a floral spring rug makes a gorgeous statement piece in any space. 

On the other hand, you can easily brighten up your space, a bright flatweave rug may be the best choice. Flatweave rugs come in countless patterns and colors, are easy to maintain, and can help bring a sense of calm to your home.

Summer rugs offer natural fibers in neutral tones.

Summer rugs are a simple, affordable way to update your space, giving you the chance to replace heavy winter rugs with refreshing summer textures and tones.

Natural fibers like cotton, jute, and seagrass are extremely popular in contemporary homes, especially in living rooms and bedrooms, for their earthy vibe. For extra style points, try pairing a bamboo rug with cane furniture and decorating with neutral, earthy tones.

For a more cost-effective summer update, opt for polyester. Polyester area rugs are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, from bold tropical prints to neutral tones, and are ideal for those seeking an affordable update that can handle a high volume of foot traffic.

Seasonal Rug Room Tips & Ideas by Room

Decorating by season can instantly transform a dull room into a beautiful showcase. A simple seasonal rug can be used to tie the elements of your room together into a cohesive design and update your decor without making significant changes. So, what’s the best way to incorporate seasonal rugs into your favorite rooms?

  • Dining Room: When decorating your dining room, opt for a rug shape that mimics your table, only larger. You want to be able to move dining chairs easily from the table while keeping them on the rug. This might require purchasing a larger rug than you originally planned, but the result is well worth the cost.
  • Entrance Area: The best ways to update your hallway is with two to three matching rug runners. Make sure to evenly space each runner and keep furniture off your area rugs. To avoid tripping over sliding rugs, be sure to use nonslip rug pads.
  • Living Room: Try using a large area rug to define the sitting area in front of your fireplace or TV. Alternatively, use your seasonal rug as a centerpiece in the room by placing it in front of the couch.

Changing your decor for a new reason is a fun way to express yourself through your style. The right area rug can pull all your accents together and add texture to your room to create a stylish, contemporary look.

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