The Best Rugs for Farmhouse Décor

The Best Rugs for Farmhouse Décor

Rugs are a key element of any well-designed room. They add cozy charm to a space, save your feet from freezing hardwoods in the winter, and can complement any décor style. If you’re looking for farmhouse style rugs for your kitchen, dining room, or another space in your home, here’s everything you need to know about this decorating style and how to find the perfect rugs to match it. 

What Is Farmhouse Style?

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Farmhouse style takes the practicality of a traditional farmhouse into the modern era, blending touches of old and new for an inviting atmosphere that’s all charm and no kitsch. Houses that exemplify the farmhouse style pair antique finds and natural materials with more modern elements. 

There are plenty of options to make farmhouse style your own, whether by adding bohemian touches, incorporating Southwestern style, or blending farmhouse décor with Scandinavian sensibilities. 

Elements of Farmhouse Style

Getting that farmhouse style for your house requires being aware of some key elements of the décor trend: 

  • Wood accents: Elements like butcher’s block countertops, sliding barn doors, exposed ceiling beams, and reclaimed wood floors all add character to a home. 
  • Vintage pieces: True farmhouse style doesn’t rely on all-new furniture. Work in unique vintage pieces into your design scheme for a look that’s gently loved-in. 
  • Neutrals: Many farmhouse style homes use lots of neutrals, which are timeless and can help create a calming environment. 

Types of Farmhouse Style Rugs

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When you’re picking out your farmhouse rug, there are a few guidelines to follow to find a piece that’s perfect for your space. 

First, consider durability. Farmhouse style is beautiful, but also practical, and you’ll want to find a piece that can stand up to normal wear and tear. One way to ensure that your rug will stay looking as good as the day you bought it is to buy a rug with a pre-weathered look. You can also invest in washable rugs or jute rugs, which are both budget-friendly and very sturdy. When picking colors, many people opt for neutral tones in their farmhouses, but darker or more vibrant Persian rugs can also be stunning as long as they don’t upset the balance of your décor. 

Farmhouse Rug Room Ideas 

Rugs can enhance nearly any room. Here are some farmhouse decorating ideas for placing your rugs: 

  • Add a runner in the kitchen or hallway, and don’t forget a rug pad. 
  • Layer a large jute rug under a smaller patterned rug in your living room for extra visual interest. 
  • Add a dining room area rug with at least 24 inches of space around the table to allow enough room for chairs to be easily moved in and out. 
  • Use entryway and mudroom rugs for added softness in otherwise utilitarian spaces. It’s important to choose rugs that can withstand muddy feet in these areas. 

When done right, farmhouse décor can turn any home into a peaceful, organized oasis. Use these tips to perfect your interiors and pick the perfect farmhouse style rugs for your home. 

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