Top Rug Styles for 2021

Top Rug Styles for 2021

Rugs are an essential part of flooring - the warmth and aesthetics they give are unmatched. Whether you love to keep things simple, or you’re the type to go bold, your personality reflects in your flooring décor. 2021 is a year for changes and rugs are an affordable, non-permanent and fun way to add personality and change up any room - that's why rug are becoming more popular and  why they will be a huge part of every design trend this year! Learn what the most popular rug styles will be in this new year.


1. Bohemian Rugs

Bohemian rugs, also known as boho rugs, are artistic rugs with global designs. They are made with flat-woven, natural-fiber materials and come in busy artistic patterns and vibrant colors. Talk about a complete variant of subdued tones and vivid highlights.

Even though they are mostly used in Bohemian décor, boho rugs are amazingly versatile. In fact, the best thing about them is that they are eclectic. You can play with them anyhow you like. Pair them with statement chairs, geometric throw pillows, wood coffee tables, or even African textiles. The more you mix styles, the more elegant your décor becomes. 

 For a playful and romantic interior vibe, a bohemian rug is the best pick. Your room or living space will thank you for the exotic presence. However, if you want to go for a bohemian rug, opt for the one with distressed designs or fringy details. These types best capture/ give off the boho feel.

2. Traditional Rugs

If you love European and Asian patterns, traditional-style rugs are for you. A popular décor staple in many homes and offices, this style of area rugs is nothing short of elegant. They come in a wide variety of ornate materials and patterns that will absolutely appeal to your love for antique décor.

The most extraordinary thing about traditional rugs is that they are heavily versatile. Depending on the intricate design you choose, they can add a soft feminine touch or a deep masculine vibe to a room. A traditional rug will give your room a combination of sophistication and coziness. Alternatively, place one in your dining or living room and watch how much life they’ll breathe into those rooms.

Traditional rugs are best paired with neutral color, light accessories, and furniture with soft edges. Consider one for a refreshing and sophisticated feel.                               

3. Transitional Rugs

If you feel confused about going ancient or modern with your home décor, transitional rugs offer a subtle in-between. A perfect blend of traditional rugs and contemporary rugs, transitional rugs take a casual décor and revamp it to an elegant and classy level. 

There are many classy designs to select from. Most transitional rugs are made with fabrics that look hand-carved that are absolute beauties to behold. Some are designed in asymmetrical patterns with lightly contrasting colors. 

These artistic floor coverings easily fit into any kind of home décor. They add a subtle, bold centerpiece to a room, and they work for both masculine and feminine aura.

Make the most out of a transitional rug with simple furniture and a light accent wall, complete with bold accessories. If you value tranquility, the relaxing element of a transitional rug will be perfect for your bedroom or library.

4. Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs, also known as modern rugs, are famous for their robust and unique presence. They also come in various designs, from retro designs and dreamy moodscapes to abstract works of art. Some have floral images positioned on one side of the rug, while some come with bold patterns drawn across them.

Whatever style you want to go for, there is a contemporary rug to fit. With the right size and perfectly contrasting patterns, your home décor will be on another level. However, it’s best to pair with more eclectic furniture and accessories.

A contemporary rug can be whatever you want it to be – formal, playful, fun, or even romantic. And if you are the type who loves custom made art selections, you might want to go for one. Your guests definitely will not find it familiar. 

5. South Western / Tribal

Geometric shapes with bold colors are a new design must in contemporary rugs. Southwestern and tribal patterns are amongst the most popular designs nowadays because of their versatility and range; The stunning geometric motifs go great with any farmhouse, minimalist, boho or mid-century modern decor. 

Here are the top rug styles you can use for your flooring decor. Whatever area rug you choose to use for your flooring décor is ultimately up to you. Take a long look at your space and go for the one that perfectly fills it with the right dose of your style. Don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

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