Theory of Color: What Your Home's Color Palette is Saying

Theory of Color: What Your Home's Color Palette is Saying

The color palette seen throughout your home can say a lot about your personality and your outlook on life. It’s interesting to explore the colors, tones, and the mix of hues with which we surround ourselves. Given the chance, each of us will likely choose to live with colors that make us happy, give us confidence and a sense of well-being.

When we have to live with someone else’s chosen colors and shades of those colors that clash with our own sense of color, we may not be able to relax. always having a feeling that something is not right without realizing what is causing it. Most of us can’t thrive in those circumstances. But, that’s the negative effect of color, let’s focus on the positive view because that’s the good news about the use of color in our home environment. Here are some general observations on our color choices:

Warm Colors

Those who surround themselves with soft, warm tones are often extroverts, open and welcoming, cheerful, nurturing and, love to entertain. Warm color palettes in home decor can feel warm and inviting, promoting a sense of happiness.

Cool Hues

Cool shades in the home environment are many times enjoyed by introverts who enjoy the peace and quiet of a beautiful, orderly home and those who are trying to create their own island of calm in the midst of a hectic, busy world.

Jewel Tones

An obvious reason you may gravitate toward jewel tones can mean you thrive in the midst of color. Those who choose these lovely colors tend to be spontaneous and creative--an extrovert to the core. Jewel tones are vibrant hues that can enliven any room, radiating joy, and even bringing glamour to interior spaces.


Are neutrals your thing? Then you probably also gravitate to a classic look in your home, one that you are content to live with year after year. No weekly furniture rearrangement or yearly wall painting for you. Neutrals like gray, greige, taupe and sands help create a sophisticated, but calm and serene home style.

A Perfect Example 

Here’s just one example of the idea of color choice and classic style that’s currently in the news. Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020 Classic Blue brings us to what color means in the moment, how color can say a lot about how we feel at any given time in our lives. At times, we can be especially optimistic or conversely, pessimistic as a result of outside influences beyond our control. Pantone says Classic Blue promotes a sense of stability, solid dependability. How do you respond to Classic Blue? Do you have a room that might be elevated by this Color of the Year?

As mentioned earlier, these are general observations. It’s very possible that you may choose a cool color palette for your home, even though you are entirely outgoing and extroverted. Many homebodies who are totally at peace with living alone may choose warm and comfortable color palettes. But, it’s fun to learn about color theory as you create your own home style and living environment. Do you know why you choose certain hues above other colors? The simple color rule to live by is “choose a palette that brings a smile to your face.” That’s always a wise choice with which you can happily live. It should also be said that interior color choices can affect children, so to a certain extent, a home’s color palette should be chosen with input from the entire family. Making color choices can be an excellent learning opportunity for all. Enjoy the journey!


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