Updating Your Decor with Floral Area Rugs

Updating Your Decor with Floral Area Rugs

Springtime brings a renewed sense for us all, and this is especially true when it comes to our home interiors. As longer days, warmer weather and color return to the landscape so does our intuition to sweep away the cobwebs, clear the clutter and make some fresh new changes to our living spaces. Luckily, one of the easiest ways to instantly change the look and feel of your home is by simply rolling out an area rug!

Interior designers know that One of the best ways to bring new blooms indoors is by adding floral prints to your space. Floral motifs are one of the most traditional and timeless prints you can add to your decor, whether you enjoy a traditional or modern aesthetic. With a wide variety of color combinations and prints in small and large scale, there’s sure to be a floral print are rug that will work with your existing décor. Still not convinced? Read on and we’ll share our essential tips for using floral rugs to update your interior style.

Modern Motifs

If your preferred home décor style consists of clean lines, contemporary shapes and a modern color palette, large scale floral patterns are perfect for you. Consider adding bold, over-sized blooms in modern color schemes like lime green and gray or even black and white for a cool urban feel. Large scale floral patterns in pinks and purples are also ideal for teen rooms or nurseries, and can add a playful, yet classic element to a bedroom or study.

Traditional and Bohemian

Floral motifs have long been a part of traditional rug designs. Paired with vines, scrolls and medallions, small scale floral motifs can create an exotic feel to any space. Typically offered in neutral and earth tones with rust, green and navy accents, this type of rug is also ideal for Bohemian or even Eclectic tastes, and can bring a worldly vibe to your living room or master bedroom. As an added bonus, because of their earthy tones and small scale prints, this type of floral print area rug is right at home in even the most masculine settings, and perfectly accents dark leather furniture and heavy wooden accents.

Artistic and Mid-Century Modern

Watercolor florals are one of the most popular prints when it comes to area rugs and for good reason; they’re striking, universal and beautiful. These Impressionistic style floral prints appeal to a variety of tastes and can be interchanged with many different styles of décor. Watercolor floral area rugs work particularly well with the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic and look lovely paired with vintage-style furniture and décor.

Florals with Mixed Patterns

Another trend that’s gaining in popularity when it comes to floral rugs is mixed patterns. If you’re looking for a really show-stopping centerpiece, look for a floral area rug with a repetitive patterned background. Leaves, vines, scroll work and fleur de lis can all help to break up the beautiful blooms on your area rug, adding interest and making the design more dimensional.

If you enjoy switching out your home décor from one season to the next, then be sure to reach for a floral print rug when springtime rolls around. Choose an 8 x 10 floral print rug in watercolor hues of turquoise, purple and rose pink for a trendy contemporary feel. When you’re ready to decorate for cooler weather again, roll your rug up and store it safely away, or use it in the guest room or study. Welcoming the season into your home is easy and enjoyable with décor brimming with beautiful blooms!


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