5 Tips to Master Spring Cleaning

5 Tips to Master Spring Cleaning

As everyone around the world is spending most of their time at home right now we wanted to share 5 master tips for this year's unprecedented Spring Cleaning. Now that you have the time, and cleaning is more important than ever, you should relish this opportunity to give your space a facelift and a proper cleaning!  

If you’re like us and look forward to spring cleaning as an enjoyable annual ritual in your life, perhaps you’re looking for some ways to add new interest and creativity to the process. Departing from the same old routine year after year with new inspiration will energize you for the work to come. Here are five thoughts on spring cleaning:

Make a plan for every room.

This will help you get organized. While you’re making a list of everything that needs tackling in each room, double-check that you've got cleaning equipment and supplies you will need. Replenish everything so there’ll be no missing supplies, last-minute trips to the store, or unnecessary delays.

Get your scent on.

Use enticing scented cleaning solutions in fresh aromas of basil, mint, citrus, gardenia, rose, forest, and ocean. After cleaning, install wax warmers in the outlets with scented wax to enjoy the scent well after cleaning. Put scented sachets in drawers to keep clothing fresh all year round.

Clean every surface in every room. 

From the top of the refrigerator to the baseboards leave no surface untouched. To dust hard to reach places, use a feather duster with a telescoping handle. Add a few drops of orange oil to your cleaning water to enjoy every minute of the process. Pay attention to ceilings, a/c vents, and windowsills. Don’t forget the blinds!

Give floors special care.

One area of spring cleaning should be given special attention. Cleaning floors can easily be delegated to a company that specializes and has the right equipment to deep clean wall to wall carpet, tile, or wood floors. But you’ll also want to clean and freshen all the area rugs in your home. You can learn about the cleaning and care of each type of rug material and weave yourself, or you may choose to send them all out for professional cleaning by experts who know how to clean every kind of rug. You’ll get great results that will give your rugs a new lease on life. Just be sure to check the credentials and customer satisfaction ratings before you trust your treasured area rugs to a new cleaning company.

Know when to ask for help. 

We know it’s satisfying to accomplish the biggest cleaning project of the year all by yourself, but sometimes it’s wise to get help. That help might consist of a single task of cleaning windows or ceiling light fixtures and chandeliers, or you may want to hire professional house cleaners to do everything. Nothing to be ashamed of there! Or get the whole family involved and make it a yearly way to spend time together in a positive and fulfilling way. Keep in mind all of these special recommendations by the CDC to properly clean and make your home safe: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/organizations/cleaning-disinfection.html

These five tips should get you on your way to your next spring cleaning and enjoying it!

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